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How to Buy Gold


How to buy gold in 5 easy steps

If you’re buying gold for the first time or feel that you need guidance on the best options available, then you can always call our expert team. We’ll talk you through how to buy gold and discuss the choices available. If you’re asking yourself, “how do I buy gold ”, then just follow the steps below to purchase physical gold through PhysicalGold.com.

Why buy physical gold

Physical gold is an excellent investment choice when it comes to protecting your wealth and diversifying the risk spectrum of your portfolio in times of uncertainty. It is important to understand the behaviour of gold in the marketplace before actually buying the precious metal. The price of gold is defined by spot prices, which are set by the COMEX exchange in New York. The spot price reflects the international price of gold in USD per ounce.

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Of course, this price is impacted by rising and falling demand for the metal. The international prices of gold tend to fall when interest rates rise. This is because rising interest rates offer investors other avenues of investment with better returns, and this creates a drop in demand.

The UK has had its longest-ever spell of reduced interest rates since the global financial crisis in 2008. From here on, economists expect the Bank of England to slowly start elevating interest rates once again. Although an interest rate hike is likely to be small, it could start the trend for rates to increase steadily and this is likely to affect the price of gold.

How to Buy Gold Infographic

We realise there is quite a lot of information to digest on this page. Therefore, we have created an infographic, which contains much of the information we discuss on this page in a convenient and easy to digest visual format.

How to Buy Gold Infographic - Top Section

How to Buy Gold Infographic – Top Section

We have only provided a highlight of the infographic here. To view the full infographic either a) Click on the image or b) Click this link, which will take you to a full view of the infographic image. Please feel free to re-use this infographic yourself on your own website. Our only stipulation is that you provide a link to this page – https://www.physicalgold.com/insights/how-to-buy-gold/ as an attribution.

Gold also reacts to political and macro-economic pressures

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Usually, during times of political uncertainty, gold rises. This is because investors want to mitigate their risks by investing away from the global stock markets, and the demand for gold rises as they turn to gold.

Currently, the uncertainty surrounding the ongoing Brexit saga remains. The world is watching the Korean peninsula with caution. Political uncertainty in this region is likely to affect Seoul, which is a global financial centre and at risk, due to its geographical proximity with its northern neighbour. Yet another factor of concern for global investors is the rising threat of global terrorism.

American foreign policy followed by the Donald Trump administration is likely to impact the stability of different global regions, particularly the Middle East. All of this may have an important effect on financial markets. If the markets react unfavourably, then investors would ditch the capital markets to protect their investments. The price of gold would then rise, along with rising demand for the metal. For a first-time investor, all this can be very daunting.

It is important, therefore, to first understand the behaviour of gold in the market and all the drivers that contribute to its market price. Only then can one make an educated purchase, having fully weighed the pros and cons of gold investing. Physicalgold.com has a great array of articles, knowledge bases and tools for you to study before making that all-important decision to go out there and buy gold, including gold ETFs. In this article, we cover 5 important steps for you to follow when buying physical gold.

How To Buy Gold
Understanding how to buy gold is an integral part of the investment process

How to buy gold in 5 steps

Step 1. Register an account in seconds / login

Even if you’re not yet ready to purchase physical gold, you can sign up for a free PhysicalGold.com account. We’ll provide you with expert tips and updates on how to buy gold, to keep you informed of market movements, special offers and relevant insights. Just click on the ‘register’ button or log in to the site if you’re a returning user.
Please visit our blog and insights section on the website, which is aimed at providing customers with valuable information on buying precious metals. The information is simply presented to readers, with very little financial jargon, so you can easily understand the steps and use this knowledge to your advantage when buying gold and silver. Of course, if you need help, please contact us and a member of our advisory team can offer great practical guidance on buying gold.

Step 2. Select a product category from the four available

Physical Gold offers four different types of product categories: Pension Gold, Tax-Free Gold, Silver and a Monthly Saver. To buy physical gold or silver, simply select the product category you require.

Advice and guidance are available on each category page, including simple videos to help you to make your decision. Or you can always speak to us directly for one-to-one guidance.

We use different suppliers for the different product categories, enabling your purchase to be tax-efficient and our prices low. To buy from multiple product categories, please complete your transaction for one product type before purchasing from another category. Then, just repeat steps two to five!

Step 3. Add your gold to your basket

Add the quantity of your chosen category to your basket. You’re almost the proud owner of some beautiful precious metal.

Step 4. Pay using bank transfer, debit, or credit card

We accept bank transfers or several types of debit and credit cards. Simply input your payment and address details, as you would with any other online transaction. PhysicalGold.com uses the 3D secure payment method, giving you extra protection and peace of mind.

Step 5. Receive your metals to your door (or use our secure storage option)

If you’ve chosen to take delivery of your metals at your address, we’ll send them to you using fast, secure and discreet delivery. Let us know what you think when your coins or bars arrive! We’ll send you a review request and if you’re happy to leave your thoughts we’ll give you a discount code for future purchases! Making buying physical gold in the UK even cheaper.

If you’ve chosen to use our secure storage facility, then we’ll send you storage documentation proving your legal ownership and detailing your gold’s insured segregated storage at our accredited vault. Learn more about our secure storage option here.

How to Buy Gold UK

Buying gold in the UK may seem like a daunting process for first-time buyers but adding some gold to your portfolio is as easy as doing your regular online shopping. Because of our market credibility and purchasing power, we’re able to secure gold for you directly at a great price and, if required, store it for you as well.

This is particularly the case when you buy in bulk. And our BNTA accreditation means you don’t need to worry about the quality of our gold (as you might at a high street merchant). We trade investment-grade gold only and even provide you with a certificate to prove it! And because we value our clients, you can always call us if you need that extra bit of guidance when you purchase physical gold.

Common Customer Questions and our Expert Answers

We are asked numerous questions about methods of buying gold. We have captured some of these questions and answered them for you here in this guide. We hope you enjoy it and that it answers some questions you had!

Buying gold bars

Many investors prefer gold bars due to their lower production costs. They present an opportunity to acquire a larger amount of gold at a lower price point. However, do be aware that gold bars usually do not have a face value and aren’t considered legal tender in the UK. Therefore, you may lose the tax advantages of the CGT exemption that you can get with UK gold coins.

It is best to buy gold bars from a specialist bullion dealer. Avoid buying privately as authenticity could be a problem. Buying gold bars from a dealer can either be carried out online or over the phone. For transactions over £10k, identification will be required.

Here at Physical Gold, we sell various sizes of gold bars, ranging from smaller 1oz and 100g bars all the way up to 1 kilo gold bars. We also sell silver bars too.

The Metalor 100g gold bar is a popular investment option with Physical Gold Limited customers
The Metalor 100g gold bar is a popular investment option with Physical Gold Limited customers

Which is better investment, gold, or silver

We have provided a detailed answer to this question in a separate post. Click this link for a detailed explanation.

How to buy a gold ETF

If you are wondering how to buy a gold ETF, then it is easy. Firstly, open a brokerage account with an online investment platform like Fidelity or Hargreaves Lansdown, ensuring their suite of funds includes gold ETFs. An execution-only account will be cheaper if you do not require advice. With this investment, you will not hold any physical gold, instead, you will be investing in a fund, which has asset investments in gold.

Buying gold for an investment

There are several options to buying gold as an investment. If you are seeking to actively trade the gold market, then spread betting is one option. Buying a Gold ETF provides online access and economic spreads to buy and sell regularly. If stock markets are attractive, then the Blackrock Gold fund is popular, or if you are prepared for higher risk, investing in gold mining stocks is an option. For those motivated by safety and protection, buying physical gold coins and bars is the best investment choice.

Ultimately, most investors will invest in gold to make profits. Gold is a stable asset class that rises steadily and provides you with the opportunity to buy at a certain price point and wait for a few years for the price to reach the level you desire. Gold always delivers better returns over the long term.

When you decide how to buy gold, you will be faced with the option of investing in bars or coins. Both of these investment avenues have different sets of dynamics. If you choose to invest in gold coins, two important factors can impact your profits. These are – increases in the spot price of gold and the percentage rise in the level of premiums that you can achieve when selling your coins.

How to buy online

We have provided a detailed reply to this question. Please visit https://www.physicalgold.com/insights/how-to-buy-gold-online/ for an explanation.

How to buy silver and gold

You should not assume that you need to buy silver and gold from the same place. Some specialist precious metals dealers offer better prices and options for one metal than another. Try to find a gold dealer who can offer advice on which gold and silver to buy.

Ensure that dealers have a track record and offer a buyback guarantee. Place your order to buy silver or gold online or over the phone and make payment. Old and silver will be delivered to your door or stored for you in a specialist warehouse.

For our detailed answer to this question please visit below:

How to purchase gold online and sell it

There are a few simple steps to buying and selling gold online. Firstly, talk to an experienced gold broker. They will be able to offer guidance as to which gold will best suit your objectives. Next, you will need to decide if you want to buy the gold as a lump sum investment, in regular monthly savings, or as part of your pension. Then, decide if you want the gold delivered to you or stored in vaults. Finally, buy silver or gold online by placing an order with the dealer and make a payment with either a card or bank transfer.

We have answered this question in more detail here: https://www.physicalgold.com/insights/how-to-buy-gold-and-sell-it-for-a-profit/.

Where to buy gold coins

Gold coins can be bought from a variety of sources, each with its merits. It is possible that common gold coins such as the odd Sovereign can be found in your local jewellers, however, the condition may not be great, and they will have extremely limited quantity and variety. Buying gold coins from auctions is another method, especially if you are seeking collectors’ coins. For price transparency, authenticity, choice and ease of buying, a reputable online gold dealer is the favoured choice.

When to invest in gold

The ideal time for buying gold is when the price is low. This will enable you to obtain more gold for your money and hopefully sell your gold in the future at a higher price. But with gold’s vital role as portfolio protection against market downturns, waiting to buy gold can be a mistake. This is because it is impossible to know exactly when the next market crash will occur. It is best to purchase physical gold 6 months or 3 years before the crash than one day afterwards.

How to buy gold in the UK

The choice of UK gold dealers has increased steadily over the past decade. There is a basic set of do’s and don’ts when buying gold that needs to be stuck to, so you avoid buying the wrong type of gold at the wrong price. Some of these online brokers have years of experience and can offer guidance on how to buy gold. Once decided, it is easy to purchase gold online via their online portal with insured delivery being as soon as the next day.

Purchase Gold such as this Britannia coin from Physical Gold Limited
Purchase Gold such as this Britannia coin from Physical Gold Limited

Please see https://www.physicalgold.com/insights/where-to-buy-gold-in-the-uk/ for where and how to buy gold.

Where to buy gold online

Avoid online sites such as eBay and Craigslist. Buying from these risks paying over the odds and even worse buying gold which is not genuine. The best bet is to search for trustworthy online gold dealers in Google. Results will bring several options. Only consider sites that provide transparent up to the minute pricing. Research each dealer for track record and reviews and ensure they will buy back your gold. Then it is down to price.

How to buy silver and gold in the UK

If you are seeking to buy silver and gold as an investment, then it is best to stick to well-known UK coins (such as the gold Sovereign or the gold Britannia). These have the advantage of being Capital Gains Tax-free, but also offer flexibility to sell small parts of your holding.

These can be sourced through online precious metals dealers, at auction or from areas specialising in precious metals. Hatton Garden in London features dozens of shops that sell gold and silver bars and silver coins. However, the choice of coins may be limited. The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham offers similar services as to how to buy physical gold.

Gold investments and how to make money

Two elements will help you buy gold and make money. The first is timing. Only invest in gold for the medium to long term as markets can go down as well as up in the short term. Buying when the price is low provides more profit potential than when it has risen for the past 6 months. Secondly, buy the right type of gold. Appointing a reputable gold broker will help you obtain the best prices and be guided to buy the right type of coins.

Buying UK bullion coins such as Britannias and Sovereigns will allow a lower purchase price than buying proof coins in presentation boxes, which provides more scope for profits. These coins are in high demand so obtaining a profitable sale price is more realistic.

It is usually a bad idea to invest in obscure coins that no one knows about. Even if they are rare, these investments will affect the liquidity of your portfolio, as you will not be able to sell them quickly. So, gold Britannias and Sovereigns are your best bet. These coins enjoy an extremely healthy secondary market, and you can easily make profits on them.

Buy best value gold sovereigns from Physical Gold Limited as a great investment choice
Buy best value gold sovereigns from Physical Gold Limited as a great investment choice

Shop tax-free gold

So, as you can see how to buy gold from PhysicalGold.com, really couldn’t be easier. Just register for an account, select the type (e.g. bullion or coins (e.g. gold Sovereigns)) and quantity of gold you require, pay, and your gold will be delivered to your door or held in our secure vault. If you need further help or any clarity to answer “how do I buy gold ”, then you can always call us on 020 7060 9992 or email us. We pride ourselves on providing a personal service to our clients, so if you have any questions about how to buy gold, all you need to do is get in touch.

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