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5 Steps to Gold Investment...
5 Steps to Gold Investment
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Secure, Accredited Tax Free Gold Investment from Physical Gold

Buying solid gold and silver bars or coins is THE safest way of gaining exposure to the precious metals market. By having actual bars or coins delivered to your door, you have no counterparty risk whatsoever. Alternatively, our storage service provides allocated metals in your name, segregated from everyone else's - meaning the ultimate security and peace of mind. You can also rest assured that all the metals we source are verified for authenticity and purity as we're proud members of the British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA) and an approved distributor for The Royal Mint.

  • Whilst many are now aware that gold and silver provide a great balance and protection to your wealth, it seems some are still unsure how to buy precious metals, in which form, from whom and at what price. We specialise in offering a tailored service to guide you through the process - helping you buy gold and silver at the most competitive rates. Our years of market experience mean you'll invest in the most appropriate form of gold to maximise your returns.

  • Here at Physical Gold, we pride ourselves on making gold investment available to everyone – from sophisticated high net worth investors, to those of us just looking to buy a single coin to pass down to the Grandchildren. As a long-established gold dealer, we look to make gold investment simple by walking you through the various types of investment, forms of gold and the ownership process. Most importantly, we realise that everyone’s circumstances are different and one size does not fit all.

    You will be allocated your own dedicated consultant to create the best investment solutions to suit your needs. Whether you have money lying idle in a bank account (which you want to work harder for you), want to learn how to receive a 45% discount through Pension Gold, or want to save regularly with our Gold Accumulation Account – we are here to offer our expertise.

    Everyday people – like you – are protecting the value of their savings and building golden nest eggs with Physical Gold investments.

    Physical gold and silver for US residents

    Bullion Coins, Krugerrand & Gold Sovereign Coins

    Bullion Coins, including Krugerrand and Gold Sovereign Coins are struck from precious metal and kept as a store value or a gold investment. Bullion Coins are generally coins that have been minted after 1800 and have a purity of no less than 900 thousands. Bullion Coins are usually available in Gold or Silver and typically contain 1 troy ounce of gold or fractions of this. Gold Sovereign coins contain 0.2354 oz of gold. Because of their recognition globally, it’s very easy to sell bullion coins and sell Sovereign coins.

    Why Buy Bullion Coins And Buy Sovereign Coins?

    Buy Bullion Coins as a lucrative gold investment. Bullion coins continue to be a strong source of protection against inflation and uncertainty. Not many investments can offer the same tax relief compared to when you buy bullion coins or buy Sovereign coins. All investment gold is VAT exempt and Sovereign coins and Britannia coins are Capital Gains Tax free. We buy bullion coins and we buy sovereign coins, you don’t need to look elsewhere! We are a specialist gold dealer in sourcing tax free gold coins. You don’t wait to buy gold, you buy gold and wait!

    Sell Bullion Coins, Sell Bullion And Sell Sovereign Coins

    At some point you will want to sell bullion coins, bullion and sell sovereign coins to make a return on your investment. We can provide that service for you. As a Reputable Gold Dealer we trade in gold every day. So you can have confidence that you can sell your Bullion Coins and Gold Sovereigns at the best current market prices.

    Pension Gold and Gold Investment

    Pension Gold is a great Tax free investment. If you are looking for a minimum of 3-5 year retirement investment then you need Pension Gold to provide portfolio balance. If you buy gold for your pension it will act to reduce overall volatility. Because your pension gold is kept in a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) you can hold this SIPP gold alongside equities, bonds and cash. You can receive up to 45% off the price of your SIPP gold through tax relief and any gains made on the value of your pension gold will be totally tax free. Make your money work for you and invest in Pension Gold.

    Buy Gold from a reputable Gold Dealer

    Buy Gold from Physical Gold, a reputable Gold Dealer with over 15 years experience in trading Gold. With Pension Gold, Bullion coins, and Gold Sovereigns becoming such a popular way of investing money, choosing the right Gold Dealer is invaluable. At Physical Gold we pride ourselves on our honest attitude and excellent customer service, why choose another Gold Dealer when we can offer the right advice and investment for you.

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