Turning to gold as an investment vehicle can seem like a daunting prospect for anyone who is used to dealing with paper assets. Even experienced investors can find the markets challenging when considering the type of investments available; whether to opt for gold bullion, gold bars or gold coins. When you weigh up the changing price of gold, the options for tax free investments (Capital Gains Tax and VAT) as well as where and how to store your holding, there seems to be plenty to consider. Which is why finding a gold investment broker in whose services you can trust is important.

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Gold Investment Brokers

Investors need a partner they can rely on to provideInsider's Guide to gold and silver a bespoke and personal service that is suitable whether they are making their first gold investment or are an experienced investor.

We are investment brokers that provide clients who are looking to invest in gold with tax-efficient and secure solutions. As experienced dealers in both gold and silver, we can supply a range of options for our investors to offer diversity and balance in a portfolio as well as secure investment opportunities.

A Definition of Gold Investment Brokers

To help define what a gold investment broker is, we take definitions from the Cambridge English Dictionary:

  • Definition of gold

    A chemical element that is a valuable, shiny, yellow metal used to make coins and jewellery

  • Definition of investment

    The act of putting money, effort, time, etc. into something to make a profit or get an advantage, or the money, effort, time, etc. used to do this.”

  • Definition of broker

    To arrange something such as a deal or agreement between two or more groups.

So, a working assumption for a gold investment broker would be:

“Placing money into gold (coins and bars) with the view of making a medium-long term profit through arranging deals and agreements between two or more parties.

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Physical Gold: Working for you whether you are buying or selling

Many investors might think that Physical Gold Ltd only work for you when you are buying, but this isn’t true, we work for investors whether they are buying or selling.

Service for gold sellers

Whenever you need to sell, you can through Physical Gold. If you bought the gold from us originally you can sell it back to us through our “buy back guarantee”. We actively seek sellers on an ongoing basis and for high-quality, sought-after gold has ready buyers waiting.

As brokers, we try to keep our stock levels to a minimum and can, therefore, help sellers by actively seeking to sell their gold to our buyers. For sellers able to wait we will be able to typically obtain a higher price, as opposed to “snap sales” where we may struggle to obtain the best price very quickly. So, work with us and we will broker a very competitive price for your gold – whatever you do don’t sell to the “gold for cash” sites, we can always beat their valuations!

2019 Gold Britannia
1oz gold Briannia coin 2019

Service for gold buyers

Naturally, as is promoted throughout this site, Physical Gold Ltd offer a wide selection of coins and bars for buyers of gold. Some of the options include:

  • Director’s Pick – leave the investment to Daniel Fisher, the CEO of Physical Gold. Daniel will take the strain out of gold investment by carefully selecting a portfolio of gold to match your investment. We will include special offers in the portfolio to maximise the value and returns. Everything in the Director’s Pick is bought with a buyback guarantee and are highly desirable, easy to sell investments, which are tax-free
  • One off purchase – buy items directly off our website. Sift through our gold coins and gold bars pages and select the products you require. We are always here to advise and can provide tax-free options as well as 0% commission rates. Special discounted rates are available for larger purchases.
  • Monthly saver – this option allows investors to build up their gold holding gradually over time as they would with an ISA. Plans start from £250 per month, making gold investment affordable to all
  • Pension gold – as with shares and other types of investment, gold bars can become part of a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension). Investments in gold bars become part of your pension and can be accumulated ready for when you want to withdraw a pension. Read our pension gold page for more information.

Tips and advice when selecting a gold investment broker

Here are some thoughts and advice we would give on selecting a top-class gold investment broker:

  • Buyback guarantee – always buy from a broker who will buy the gold back at a later date. If they don’t offer this service, ask yourself “why”
  • Check the spread – it’s worth checking the spread. This is the difference between the price the broker pays and the price the broker sells gold. Check that this is competitive in the marketplace
  • Contactable – always deal with a broker who can be contacted and can be relied upon for providing guidance and high-quality investment advice
  • Hidden costs – ensure there are no hidden costs, such as administration fees, commission charges, insurance, shipping, etc.
  • Reviews – read reviews of the broker, these provide an insight from their customers, see Physical Gold reviews at https://www.reviews.co.uk/company-reviews/store/physical-gold
  • Storage options – the broker should have storage options available for your gold investments
  • Tax-efficient solutions – work with a broker who can provide tax-efficient gold solutions (e.g. Capital Gains Tax free and VAT free)
  • Works hard – a broker that works hard to provide the very best deals for both sellers and buyers. Good brokers bring the two together, uniting sellers with buyers and pleasing everyone!

The Practicalities of Storage

Once you’ve decided that you want to invest, we offer plenty of investment solutions from bullion and bars to rare and collectable gold coins. Your gold can then be stored in our secure storage facility (depending on the size of your holding), or shipped to your address via a secure, insured service. The option which is right for you will depend on how much gold you’re purchasing, your reasons for buying and your access to secure storage.

Making Money from Gold Investment

Like any form of investment and any commodity, investors make money from buying and holding the metal until the point at which it reaches a favourable price. If you purchased gold in 1970, for example, then you may have been able to acquire it at around a price of £15 per ounce. If you sold that gold in 2010, then you may have been able to secure a price of £912 per ounce! And, depending on what form of gold your investment took, the profits on this may have been free from Capital Gains Tax.

Most people use investment brokers to help them to access tax efficient opportunities to diversify their portfolios and good investment brokers will be able to offer further value with access to volume discounts.

Gold Investment
Investing in gold is a great way to make money in the medium-long term

Contacting Physical Gold

Contact Physical Gold today to discuss the best approaches for your circumstances for gold investment. Call us today on 020 7060 9992, or view our other contact details here.


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