Choosing a reputable Online Gold Dealer

online gold dealer

Choosing the right gold (or silver) dealer can make all the difference, both when it comes to credibility and reassurance and also when assessing the vital elements that can affect your investment return, such as coin selection and tax-efficiency.

New investors may hesitate to buy gold, because they’re not sure how to go about it or who to trust. Should you buy gold online or should you buy gold in person?

Online precious metals dealer

Buying online is the most efficient way to buy physical gold.  Online gold brokers and dealers have access to larger suppliers of gold coins and gold bars and can offer safe delivery direct to your door or, if you prefer, secure storage at a reputable vault.

A reputable dealer will also be able to help both experienced investors, looking for diversification, as well as those looking to own gold for the first time.   There are many different types of gold and silver products, and you should decide which option is best to suit your financial objectives and appetite for risk.  Your chosen dealer should be able to offer options such as Tax-free gold, pension gold, monthly savings and also VAT-free silver.  And when the time comes to sell your gold, they should guarantee to buy it back from you, which provides you with reassurance on the liquidity of your investment.

A good place to start, when choosing a reputable, online gold dealer, is the British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA), as they register all the trustworthy gold dealers in the UK.

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