Where to buy gold bullion in London

where to buy gold bullion

Where to buy gold bullion

Everyone wants to possess their own piece of gold bullion. Certainly, physical gold beats paper gold in anyone’s mind. However, unless you’re an expert, it’s not always obvious where to buy gold bullion. Clearly you want to feel comfortable that the gold is genuine, in good condition and at a great price. So if you’re looking to buy gold bullion in London there is a number of options.

West End jewellery shops

You can’t beat the feeling of browsing and unearthing hidden treasures. London is fortunate to possess a number of obscure boutiques and jewellery shops selling all sorts of collectables. There is every chance that you may unearth the odd modest sized pieces of gold bullion. However, you are far more likely to find collectable and historical gold coins in these places. The problem is that you may well end up paying far more than the bullion price as the gold is deemed to hold a degree of numismatic value. Afterall, do you know the value of a Victorian gold Sovereign?

Hatton Garden

One of the most famous jewellery quarters in Europe is the area known as Hatton Garden, not far from Farringdon tube station. This is basically one long road of continuous jewellers, meaning that they have to be relatively competitive to gain your business. Their focus will be more on selling jewellery so any second hand bullion bars they receive may well be melted down before you get the chance to buy it.  Ask what they have as it’s unlikely that such small gold bullion bars will be on display. There is also a chance that you may be able to unearth the odd gold bullion coin at reasonable prices but they may be in poor condition.

PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_LeaderboardGold dealers

There are a number of specialist gold dealers located in and around London. These guys should be able to offer you a variety of bullion options, from bullion gold coins or gold bars in a variety of sizes. Stick to dealers who are members of the British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA) as you’ll be able to trust the authenticity of their gold.  However, before you decide to hunt down your nearest gold dealer and turn up with cash to buy your gold bullion, there are security issues to consider.

Criminals target people emerging from such premises as they know there’s a good chance that you’ll be holding some gold. As well as the threat of being mugged, it’s unlikely your gold will be insured – leaving you nursing a possible financial loss. In fact, most gold dealers will not accept passing trade for this very reason and tend to actually despatch from alternative, discrete premises. You would also need to bring identification if you wished to purchase and walk away with more than £5k of gold. However, many of these suppliers will safely and securely post the gold bullion direct to your door, or offer an insured storage option.

When choosing where to buy gold bullion, choosing gold dealers assures you of authenticity, purity, price and security.


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