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Bullion Coins

Investing in silver and gold bullion coins is often the initial way that investors can start diversifying their savings portfolio. Bullion produced coins are more readily available than pre-owned coin editions, foreign or collectable coins and are a cheap way to own silver and gold. Differing from standard coins that may have been issued as general collectables or coins that have attained a rare status (such as a Victoria Half Sovereign), bullion coins are brand new, mint-condition coins. Usually produced specifically as a way of investing in gold, coins sold by Physical Gold Limited are issued by the Royal Mint and offer a low cost option for building a gold holding. Some gold bullion coins are UK VAT-free whilst both gold and silver bullion coins offer the advantage of being exempt from Capital Gains Taxation (CGT). Physical Gold Limited offers a tax-efficient range of gold bullion coins that can be delivered swiftly, securely and fully-insured to your door.
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