How to invest in silver

invest in silver

Like gold, silver is a very attractive vehicle for preserving your wealth and saving for your future. Owning silver diversifies your portfolio out of the usual stocks, shares and bonds. By transferring some of your assets into silver, you’re not only securing your future but giving your savings a good chance to grow at above market rates. So, here’s our ‘starters guide’ on how to invest in silver, to give you a headstart when the time comes to make your first purchase.

Why invest in silver?

You’re likely to already know that gold trades at a far higher price than silver so, apart from the improved affordability, why would you invest in silver instead of gold?

Cost is one of the things to consider. If you’re just getting started with precious metal investment, then silver can provide easier access to the market than gold; getting you started quicker and with less risk.

If you already own some gold, then adding silver will further diversify your portfolio. Silver’s price growth – in percentage terms – can often beat that of gold, due to its slightly higher volatility and low price point. Paired with gold, silver can be a highly attractive asset to own; protecting your investment against swings in the gold price, whilst simultaneously giving you the opportunity to beat those very swings.


How do I get started with some silver?

The easiest way to get started with silver, as with gold, is to talk to a precious metals broker. An experienced broker will be able to secure a good price for you when purchasing your silver, as well as offering supplementary services such as discussing your options and securely storing the silver on your behalf.

If you’d like to talk to us about investing in silver then you can get in touch here.

A popular option for getting started with owning some silver is to begin with a modest amount and then graduate to larger commitments as your portfolio grows and your knowledge increases. Growing your silver portfolio this way can be very cost effective and makes it easy to manage the percentage of your portfolio assigned to silver, increasing it incrementally over time.

What else should I know before I start buying silver?

A credible and experienced broker will quickly tell you that there are typically two types purchased by UK silver investors: silver bars and silver coins. Silver coins are Capital Gains Tax exempt, as they’re technically still legal tender, so often these can be the most attractive option, as they can save you a percentage on your profits. You can read a bit more about the different types of silver here.

It’s worth noting that silver can also be VAT free, as gold is, when it’s stored in the correct way. Again, if you consult a credible precious metals dealer, they’ll be able to talk through your options and will usually offer a VAT-free storage option, saving you 20% on your investment.


I’m ready to invest in silver, what should I do now?

If you’d like assistance in taking your first steps into silver or gold investment, then we’re more than happy to have a no-obligation call to discuss your options and requirements. Contact us using the form below, or via our contact page here.


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