One Ounce Silver Coins

Buy 1oz Silver Coins from our wide selection of British CGT-free coins such as 1 oz Silver Britannias as well as 1 oz Silver American Eagles1 oz South African Silver Krugerrands and 1 oz Silver Vienna Philharmonics. Make your purchase today and enjoy fully insured delivery directly to your door or request segregated storage in our UK precious metal storage facility. + Read more

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1oz Silver Coins for Sale in the UK

Gain long-term profitability while staying on a budget and diversify your portfolio with one-ounce silver coins. Silver coins are a global trusted commodity and while they attract VAT, legal tender coins such as Silver Britannias and Silver Queen’s Beasts benefit from being Capital Gains Tax-free.

1 oz Silver Coins are beautiful pieces of art and an excellent option for tangible and secure investments. At Physical Gold Ltd, we stock a wide range of popular and tradable 1oz silver coins manufactured by world-renowned international mints.

Physical Gold Ltd offers competitive prices, which are updated according to the worldwide spot prices. We provide you with a secure and easy way of investing in physical silver. Browse our website and find a large selection of silver coins and silver bars for your portfolio, and make sure to read our guide on Why invest in silver coins to make an informed decision.

As legal tender coins made from silver are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT), use this to your advantage when buying the 1oz Silver Coins produced by the Royal Mint.