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Gold Britannia Coins

One of the most popular British coin choices for investors considering bullion is gold Britannia coins. The opportunity to buy gold Britannias provides investors with a tax-efficient investment as it is exempt from both VAT and Capital Gains Tax in the UK. A 24-carat coin, the current version features an obverse portrait of Queen Elizabeth II whilst the reverse features the iconic figure of Britannia. This coin has the largest denomination of all British gold coins and the 1oz coin has a face value of £100. The coin is also available in various sizes as a way to increase the cross-appeal to collectors and investors. You can, therefore, buy the coin in one-twentieth ounce, tenth ounce, quarter ounce, half ounce, the popular 1oz coin and, the largest coin, a 5 oz proof version. The coin was introduced by the Royal Mint in 1987 and has remained a best-selling choice of investment for those seeking to invest large sums at cost-effective levels while maintaining the divisibility that gold bullion coins offer. Many small business owners choose to invest company funds in this way owing to the tax-free profits that Britannia coins offer. When you buy gold Britannia coins with Physical Gold Limited, we provide fully insured delivery direct to your door with most purchases being received within 1-2 business days.
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