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Silver bullion coins are an opportunity for investors to diversify their assets with a mix of precious metals and offer additional flexibility for investment growth and for easily liquidating part of a portfolio. With the price of silver being up to 15 times lower than gold but with enormous potential for long term growth, silver bullion coins have a lower price entry point making them ideal for first time investors. With Physical Gold, you can buy silver bullion coins that are exempt from VAT and benefit from an affordable way to start a precious metal holding. Delivered direct to your door, our silver bullion coins include the Silver Britannia which is also free from Capital Gains Tax.
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Like gold, silver is another precious metal in finite quantities. Historically silver has always been considered inferior to gold and the price of silver has been roughly fifteen times lower. As a result, silver has a low price entry point for new investors yet the value of silver has been improving by comparison. This price ratio has recently widened from 15:1 to nearer 80 times cheaper, making silver a tempting bargain. Used in many industrial processes, silver resources are being depleted and this future imbalance in the supply and demand market is beginning to filter through to investors. With potential for strong returns, silver offers an alternative way to diversify an investment portfolio and is considered a good partner asset to physical gold.
The Swiss Vreneli is only minted in gold. Image via Wikimedia. Bullion coins are not struck by a mint to go into general circulation. They are produced for the investment and collector’s markets only and, as such, maintain a premium over their face value. Different countries have different definitions of bullion coins with the UK government defining bullion coins as having the following characteristics: Having a purity of no less than 0.9 Were minted after 1800 Are (or have been) legal tender in their country of origin Most bullion coins are minted in both gold and silver with only a handful of exceptions including the Swiss Vreneli, which is only available in gold. The Canadian Maple Leaf however is also minted in platinum and, the even more rare, palladium. Most importantly, as investment coins, silver bullion coins are exempt from UK VAT.
Each year, the European Commission publishes a full list of silver bullion coins that are officially classified as investment coins that should be treated by member states as being exempt from VAT. In addition, the HMRC supplements this list with additional coins. As the UK moves out of the European Union, the HMRC will take full responsibility for issuing complete lists of tax-exemptions on silver bullion coins in the UK.
Unlike silver bars, certain silver bullion coins will not incur UK VAT upon delivery due to EU double taxation laws, and, as such, do not need to be stored offshore. We can offer storage facilities for silver bar purchases of over £2,500, but your silver bullion coins will be delivered direct to your door.
Physical Gold Limited carefully selects its silver bullion coins to ensure that they meet the criteria set by HMRC to qualify for VAT exemption and offers only the highest quality of coins. We source coins using our enhanced economies of scale procurement strategy to be able to pass discounts directly to our customers meaning the more you buy, the more of a saving you can make. The 1oz silver maple leaf is a popular silver bullion coin. Image via Money Metals Flickr. 1 Oz Maple Leaf The 1 Oz Maple Leaf is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and was first minted in 1988. The Royal Canadian Mint has a first-class reputation with the quality of its minting and this coin is no exception. Featuring stunning detail with a high-tech machined finish, the 1 Oz Maple Leaf maintains a strong value in North American markets and is yet another way to diversify an existing portfolio. As a non-UK coin, this particular silver bullion coin is not Capital Gains Tax exempt but is supplied UK VAT free. The Perth mint produces a range of silver bullion coins including the Kookaburra 1oz Silver coin. Image via David Stanley, Flickr. 1 Kilo Kookaburra, Koala and Kangaroo Produced by the Perth Mint these Australian silver bullion coins depict native wildlife and are produced in limited numbers. The low mintage of these AU$30 coins make them especially attractive to both investors and collectors with only 20,000-50,000 being produced annually. Silver Britannia The 2017 Silver Britannia marks the 20th anniversary of the minting of the first silver version of this now popular investment coin. Featuring the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Jodie Kidd, the coin’s obverse sports the now familiar standing Britannia. Produced in high finesse silver, this silver bullion coin is an ideal partner to the Gold Britannia coin, also celebrating an anniversary in 2017. 1 oz Silver Coin Available as part of the lunar, landmarks of Britain and Queen’s Beasts range, these limited edition 1 oz silver bullion coins are produced by the Royal Mint. As legal tender, these coins are all exempt from Capital Gains Tax as well as being UK VAT free making them an even more cost effective and tax efficient way to invest your money.

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1oz Britannia silver coin

With a face value of £2, the 2018 Silver Britannia features the Elizabeth fifth portrait on the obverse and Philip Nathan’s Britannia design on the reverse. Issued since 1997, they contained 958/1000 parts silver until 2013, when they increased fineness to 999.0 thereafter.

This is a brand-new bullion finish coin, issued without expensive presentation boxes to maximize the amount of silver for your money. Modest orders are packed loose, with tubes for orders of 25 or more and monster boxes in denominations of 500.

2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the 1oz Silver Britannia coin, a signal of its great success in the investment market. It demonstrates how far the Royal Mint have come in being proactive with their marketing and product development over the years. The Gold Britannia was launched a decade prior to the silver version, in an attempt by the Royal Mint to copy the successful Krugerrand and steal some of its market share.  The Krugerrand had already been flourishing for 20 years when the British coin was launched. But spotting the growing demand for silver, the Mint have managed to produce their 1oz silver coin a full 20 years before the Rand Mint. Perhaps in a reversal of roles, the South Africans launch the first silver Krugerrand this year.

The fact that the Britannia was upgraded from 958 parts silver per 1000 to 999 parts in 2013, demonstrates the Royal Mint’s awareness of Asia’s love of ‘fine’ gold and silver. They recognise the true global potential of the UK coins, especially to a continent who already love precious metals and ‘brand-UK’.

Tax efficiency

As a Royal Mint issued, legal tender coin with a face value, the 2018 Silver Britannia is free from Capital Gains Tax (CGT). With silver being so undervalued, it offers far greater appreciation potential than the gold Britannia. As such, CGT is potentially a far greater issue when buying silver than gold. For this reason, the Britannia may be a wiser choice than foreign silver coins like the Maple Leaf or Philharmonic.

For so long UK buyers had to pay VAT on their silver coins. But now Physical Gold are able to sell our silver coins without charging VAT and deliver them direct to your door. We manage this through careful sourcing of the coins to exploit tax loopholes in the EU. So now you’re able to buy Silver Britannias from us without paying any tax at all.


Due to their success, the Britannia has now spawned a number of size variations. As well as the standard issue 1oz coin, the Silver Britannia is issued in Half ounce weight, quarter ounce, and tenth ounce. More recently the extremes have been pushed with a huge five ounce and small twentieth ounce versions. Each fractional Britannia has a corresponding face value ranging from 10p up to £10. We’d steer clear of the smaller versions as they prove expensive due to their diminutive size.

The 20th anniversary year edition is also available in limited issue which may appeal more to the collector of rarer silver coins than the investor due to its premium.

Like its gold cousin, the Silver coin updates its image of Britannia on the reverse of the coin often. Designs tend to range from a standing figure, to a close up with helmet, seated, riding a chariot and posing with a lion.

Our expert opinion

If you’re just getting started in silver investment or looking to add to an existing portfolio, the 2018 Silver Britannia is the number one option. It ticks every box for silver investing. Now we’re able to deliver these wonderful coins without VAT, they offer a tax efficient method of owning physical silver.

With each coin only weighing an ounce, buying silver Britannias provides the investor with great divisibility and flexibility. With the coin now in its 20th year of production, there’s a growing second hand market for the coins, crucial to increase sell back levels.

Premiums are lower than some less common silver coins, meaning more silver for your money. We’d recommend the standard silver bullion Britannia featured here rather than the Silver Britannia limited edition 20th anniversary version which is more expensive.

One of the biggest challenges when owning silver can be storage. £5,000 will buy you a lot of coins! The Royal Mint issue the Silver Britannia in convenient tubes of 25, and superb stackable monster boxes which holds 20 tubes (500 coins in total).