Coinex, 40th International Show, September 28th – 29th, 2018

Coinex 2018

Coinex 2018 is scheduled to kick off in London at the end of September, marking four decades since the first event was held. Organisers at the British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA) are opening up the event to more dealers than ever, promising excellent choices for collectors and investors alike.

Coinex 2018
Coins from around the world

Who are the BNTA?

The BNTA was first formed all the way back in 1973 in order to help the nation’s community of coin dealers engage with the government on tax issues impacting their industry, while also attempting to stamp out forgery and counterfeit coin operations.

Just five years after its formation it launched the first Coinex event, traditionally hosted in the heart of the capital at hotels and event centres near Mayfair.

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Plans for Coinex 2018

Coinex 2018 is moving from its usual venue at the Millennium Hotel London Mayfair to the impressive and imposing County Hall on the South Bank of the Thames.

This change of scenery is not just a means of making sure that the larger line-up of coin dealers and attendees can be accommodated; it’s a shift that has been made necessary as the hotel is being refurbished during the dates on which the expo takes place this year.

With excellent public transport links, secure delivery access and the perfect positioning for people who want to explore London as well as buying gold coins, County Hall should be an ideal setting for Coinex 2018.

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Why attend this event?

Quite simply the BNTA’s size and influence means that this annual get-together of dealers is one of the best places to find valuable coins of every conceivable age and quality.

The involvement of the BNTA also gives buyers peace of mind about the provenance of what they are buying. Every dealer this year will either be a member of the association or have been invited specifically to set up shop because they are known to be reputable.

It’s worth noting that over the year Coinex has expanded to include more than just rare coins. Everything from banknotes and medals to bonds and shares will be on sale, so even people with a passing interest in rarities and collectables should make an effort to attend.

With the event increasing in size for its 40th anniversary, you can also expect to see antiques of other types mixed in amongst the stalls, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Why buy gold and silver coins?

Some people buying precious coins just for the thrill of collecting rare, historic objects. Others do so to make an investment in a physical commodity that will appreciate in value. Whichever category you fall into, Coinex 2018 should pique your interest.

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