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When you buy gold coins for sale online from Physical Gold Limited you can be assured that our significant buying power means we secure the lowest tax-free gold prices on your behalf. We purchase gold that qualifies for both Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and VAT exemption to ensure that our customers can buy tax-free investments. As leading gold coin dealers and one of the most trusted online precious metal retailers in the UK, you can purchase gold coins from our range of bullion or enhanced performance collection. The former are Royal Mint issued and are VAT-free coins whilst the latter are pre-owned but are sourced specifically to qualify as tax-free investments in gold. In addition to being able to buy gold online, we also offer a guaranteed buyback on all the precious metals you purchase; whether gold or silver. We know that our clients return again and again to use our services as we provide quality products at competitive prices combined with an excellent standard of customer service.
Tax Free Gold Explained
Secure Delivery and Storage
Delivery of your metals are fully insured and discreet. If you want the peace of mind of storage, then you metals will be insured, allocated and segregated in an LBMA approved depository. Read More
100% Tangible Assets
We only deal in physical precious metals, no electronic or paper ownership. No leverage, ETFs or funds. Just real gold and silver in your hand or stored in segregated vaults. Read More
Authentic and Certified
All our products are sourced directly from mints or authorised distributors and verified by our numismatic experts. All purchases will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Read More

When you buy online with Physical Gold you have several options about the form of gold you buy. The choice will depend on whether you want to buy gold for investment or as a collector. Each form of gold for sale on our site offers different benefits.

Gold Bars

When considering a large investment, a convenient way to buy gold online is with gold bars. Cheaper than the equivalent in bullion or coins, bars can be purchased in a variety of denominations and are easy to store at home, bank held safety deposit box or within our own offshore vaults. When you purchase gold bars with Physical Gold we can arrange storage options for you depending on the size of your investment.

Gold Bullion

When compared to bars, gold bullion coins are available at a lower buy-in cost and allow investors the opportunity to spread their investment as they can be purchased over a period of time to build a holding gradually. They are also a flexible way to invest in gold online and offer this same flexibility when selling your assets. You can purchase VAT and CGT free gold coins with the Britannia and the Sovereign. Bullion coins produced for the investment market differ from pre-owned, rare and collectable coins that may attract more of a premium and are available at a lower cost.

Gold Coins

It may cost more to buy gold in the UK when you buy gold coins for sale that are not bullion. This may be because they are rare and/or collectable. Also available as limited edition and commemorative coins many of these coins are a way to buy VAT free gold. Collectable coins retain a historic value and the resale of this kind of gold can retain a collectors premium. Gold coins offer greater divisibility than bars and start from low denominations such as 1oz.

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Types of Gold Coins for Sale

Here at Physical Gold Limited, we stock a wide range of gold coin products, below we list just a few:

Physical Gold Limited provide tax free gold coins as a solution to our customers. Read below our VAT free and CGT free solutions.

VAT Free

To benefit from VAT free gold, certain criteria must be met including a minimum millesimal finesse (0.995 for gold bars and 0.900 for coins), minted after 1800 (coins) and has been, or is, legal tender in the country of issue or is specified by the HMRC in Notice 701/21A Investment Gold Coins. At Physical Gold, as leading gold coin dealers, we can advise on which products meet the criteria to qualify as VAT free gold.

Capital Gains Tax Free

When you purchase gold from Physical Gold, we can offer products that also qualify for exemption from Capital Gains Tax. Effectively meaning that all profits made on your investment are tax free with coins such as gold sovereign coins, lunar coins and the Britannia, which are CGT free.

Monthly Saver

In a similar way to paying into an ISA regularly, customers can gradually build a nest egg with regular deliveries of gold coins using our Gold Bundle monthly saver. Ideal for those individuals who want to build a holding affordably. A flexible way to save for financial security, a monthly saver provides a stable investment with market prices being levelled out across a longer period. Check around and you will see that not all gold coin dealers offer this service.

Pension Gold

You can invest gold in your Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) as a way to save for your retirement. Similar to how traditional pension funds are managed, gold for sale as part of a SIPP is held securely for liquidation in retirement years. Again, pension gold is a way to spread the risk of future investment and adds diversification to offer greater protection over a longer period.
When you purchase gold from us we can either deliver direct to your door or (for sizeable investments) arrange for secure storage in our LBMA certified vaults. Fully insured and managed by our partners, Loomis International, your holding will be kept separately and securely with a statement of account providing proof of ownership.
Physical Gold Limited have a large variety of gold coins for sale. Investors and collectors alike can buy gold coins online. As gold coin dealers, we can provide guidance when you contact us on topics such as how to buy tax free gold coins. Our contact page is here, we can be contacted in usual office hours, Monday to Friday.

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