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Buying foreign silver coins can add diversity to any investment portfolio that balances both the fluctuating price of silver and any collectable premiums associated with a less diverse range of coins. Not all investment coins are created equal with pre-owned coins and bullion coins offering different benefits. While coins minted in silver from around the world may be legal tender in their legacy country, they’re not CGT-free in the UK, like British coins. However, we’re able to offer all of them UK VAT-free. Of equal importance are the mint of origin and the grade of silver used to strike a coin. When investing through Physical Gold we source only the finest quality coins of a grade of 0.999 finesse. Our collection has been sourced to ensure that they are UK VAT-free meaning we can pass savings directly on to you. All orders are shipped directly to your door. Fully insured, we can usually fulfil orders within 1-2 business days although some coins can take a little longer to source on your behalf.
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We are able to offer our silver foreign coins UK VAT-free with these savings passed directly on to you. Unfortunately, non-UK coins are subject to Capital Gains Tax. Those investors wishing to purchase coins that are fully tax-exempt should consider the Silver Britannia.
foreign silver coins kookaburra
The 1 kilo Kookaburra is a weighty coin from the Perth Mint. Image via Wikimedia.
With a face value of A$30, the 1 Kilo Kookaburra (or 1kg Australian Silver Kookaburra) is a hefty coin with a weight of 1002.502g, a diameter of 101.00mm and measuring 14.60mm thick. Struck by the Perth Mint, the Kookaburra was first produced in 1990 and has been issued in varying denominations including the 10oz (A$10), the 2oz (A$2) and the 1oz (A$1). Featuring a classic design of the native and iconic Kookaburra bird, the reverse design is changed yearly with the 2015 minting reverting to the original 1990 design to mark the 25th anniversary of the coin. The 1 kilo Kookaburra is an impressive coin to have in any collection and represents a significant investment in a high-grade coin. However, it’s size as an asset doesn’t offer the flexibility and divisibility that a collection of smaller denomination silver bullion coins can lend to a portfolio. Investors may wish to consider combining the 1kg Kookaburra with other coins, such as the Silver Britannia, to diversify their portfolio.
With its high-security radial lines, the Silver Maple Leaf is a popular foreign investment coin. Image via Wikimedia.
Struck by the Royal Canadian Mint, the 1oz Maple Leaf silver coin is legal tender in Canada having a face value of C$5. The design, commonly associated with the Great White North, has been featured on coins issued in Canada as far back as 1876.  The 1oz Maple Leaf is a fine grade of silver with a finesse of 0.999. The current issue of silver bullion 1oz Maple Leaf coins was first minted in 1988. As part of the commonwealth, the obverse features a design of the monarch, Queen Elizbeth II and was designed by Susanna Blunt. The reverse of the standard edition of this coin remains unchanged from the original minting but several special editions have been struck. In 1998 a 10oz version was produced to mark the ten-year anniversary of the coin's release but proved unpopular and almost 30,000 were melted down again. As a result, the scarcity of these limited versions can attract a rarity premium due to their collectability. In 2014, additional security features were added to the coin including a laser mark and radial lines. In terms of availability, new bullion silver coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint are virtually unlimited to meet the huge retail demand for such assets and in recent years almost 30 million are produced per annum. Compared to the 100,000 issued in 1997, the production year of a 1oz Maple Leaf can also add scarcity value to the coin. However, as a mass-produced silver bullion coin, the Maple Leaf is a good investment as it is free from buyer’s premiums, but be aware that, it is not exempt from Capital Gains Tax.
We also supply other silver coins issued outside of the UK. These include the 1oz Austrian Philharmonic, a €1.5 coin issued by the Austrian Mint as an investment coin. As one of the highest minted coins minted in silver in Europe, the Austrian Silver Philharmonic represents a great value entry point for investing; it is a common coin and attracts no rarity premiums. Widely regarded as one of the most beautifully designed investment pieces, both the obverse and reverse feature musical instruments to celebrate the country’s historic association with classical music composition.
We only offer the storage of silver bars offshore. All foreign silver coins are for delivery only and we can supply suitable capsules and presentation cases for home or safety deposit storage. For more information on our accessories, you can visit our online shop or find details of our high-commodity storage in our FAQ.

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