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Foreign Silver Coins

Buying foreign silver coins can add diversity to any investment portfolio that balances both the fluctuating price of silver and any collectable premiums associated with a less diverse range of coins. Not all investment coins are created equal with pre-owned coins and bullion coins offering different benefits. While coins minted in silver from around the world may be legal tender in their legacy country, they’re not CGT-free in the UK, like British coins. However, we’re able to offer all of them UK CGT-free. Of equal importance are the mint of origin and the grade of silver used to strike a coin. When investing through Physical Gold we source only the finest quality coins of a grade of 0.999 finesse. All orders are shipped directly to your door. Fully insured, we can usually fulfil orders within 1-2 business days although some coins can take a little longer to source on your behalf.
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