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Silver Collectable and Rare British Coins

Depending on the condition, some rare silver British coins can fetch more than their silver value. There are two reasons that people would buy rare coins, either as an investment or as part of a collection. Silver collector’s coins are deemed to be rare or collectable due to numerous reasons including a coin’s scarcity, commemorative value or distinguishing feature. Rare and silver collectable coins can be modern or historical. Investors in rare silver coins may be looking for something different to a collector but both will face paying a premium over the physical silver content of these coins. Collectors are usually prepared to pay more of a premium than investors as their prime motivation is not one of financial reward but a hobbyist’s fulfilment of completing a collection. Nevertheless, silver scarce and uncommon coins can certainly appreciate in value, particularly as their numbers become scarcer. Most investors in the rare coins market also appreciate that the investment they are making is of fine quality and, just like investors in fine art or vintage wines, enjoy owning items of antiquity or scarcity.
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