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What are the Benefits of Colloidal Silver

What is colloidal silver

Although the name may lead people into thinking that colloidal silver is a certain type of physical silver, in reality, it is quite different from a silver bar or coin. When tiny silver particles are suspended in a liquid, the suspension is known as colloidal silver. The size of these particles is so minuscule that they cannot be removed from the liquid by standard laboratory filtration processes. Many of the particles are invisible to the human eye and could be classified as nano-particles. Colloidal silver has been popular as an alternative therapy for many common human ailments over the years.

Colloidal silver’s uses in medicine

Colloidal silver can be used to treat viral infections that antibiotics cannot such as bronchitis or pneumonia. It can relieve sufferers of airborne allergies when used as a nasal spray. Most commonly, it is used as an anti-inflammatory and antiviral, with it even helping fight the HIV and hepatitis viruses. Its antibacterial qualities help fight antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

What are the Benefits of Colloidal Silver
Colloidal silver is a popular alternative therapy

How does it work

Colloidal Silver can be ingested orally as a dietary supplement. Alternatively, it can also be applied to the skin. This remedy has been around for centuries, long before the discovery of antibiotics. Some doctors and scientists believe that colloidal silver is a placebo, and doesn’t really work as a remedy for any illness.

However, some research that has been conducted, appears to indicate that colloidal silver can attach itself to the proteins present on the cell walls of bacteria. This causes damage to the cell membrane of the bacteria, allowing the silver ions to enter the cell and destabilise the bacteria’s metabolic processes, and destroy it. More silver ions are released through suspensions that have a larger number of small particles.

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Where is colloidal silver used

Due to its ability to destroy a wide range of bacteria, colloidal silver was an antibacterial remedy in vogue long before the discovery of antibiotics in western medicine. Today, it is used in several medicinal products like dressings and creams for wounds. However, there are certain risks associated with the ingestion of colloidal silver. Due to this, pharmaceutical companies do not include colloidal silver as an ingredient in oral medications.

What are the Benefits of Colloidal Silver
The silver particles in Colloidal Silver are invisible to the human eye

What are the risks of consuming colloidal silver

Human beings are usually exposed to minute amounts of silver daily through drinking water and the environment. However, continuous exposure to silver can be hazardous to human health. Medical scientists have ascertained that the most common risk associated with frequent exposure to colloidal silver is a condition known as Argyria. The silver particles found in colloidal silver can deposit themselves in our vital organs and skin. These deposits can turn the pallor of human skin into a greyish blue colour. The condition is often developed by people who are frequently exposed to large amounts of silver, either through their job or through the ingestion of certain dietary supplements. So, colloidal silver needs to be used judiciously for external use.

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