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bullion coins
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The word bullion is both widely used and misinterpreted. It basically refers to bars and coins produced in mass for investment purposes. With regards to coins, the term also refers to the standard of production of coins minted after the early 1930s. These coins are generally regarded as the most cost efficient way of purchasing gold coins as their market value is determined almost exclusively by their gold content. In contrast to other types of coins such as proofs, commemorative, or historic coins, you will not pay premiums for packaging, finish or exclusivity. Physical Gold offer an easy way to buy gold coins online in the uk.

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Bullion coins are available in various fractional denominations, but the general rule of thumb is you’ll pay increasingly more as the denomination reduces. We feel the common 1oz coins and the full Sovereigns offer a great balance of divisibility and value. Because we only source the world’s most recognised bullion coins, they are always easy to trade at the tightest margins. Investors also benefit from price savings as the quantity of bullion coins they buy grows.

Sovereign coins are now

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recognised by the Royal Mint as bullion quality as they’re issued to non-proof finish for investment purposes in laminated sheets. However, many older Sovereign coins are widely traded in today’s investment market alongside the newer coins. These coins pre-dating 1933 encompass the Sovereign heads of early Elizabeth, George V & VI, Edward VII & VIII and Queen Victoria. Due to their age and limited issue, they can be deemed to contain a degree of historical value – and may be classed as semi-numismatic.

In practice the cost of these coins is usually slightly less than their bullion cousins of the past 10-15 years as their historic value is canceled out by their inferior condition. Just like with new cars, you tend to find that the latest year’s bullion coins may carry a slightly higher premium than ‘nearly new’ coins even though they are of identical design and condition. Our consultants will guide you as to the current premiums on these coins to ensure you assemble the best value portfolio of coins.

Below we list and describe some of the world’s best known bullion coins. The two main tax free bullion coins in the UK are the Britannia and the Sovereign. The Krugerrand is known as the world’s original bullion coin as it was the first to guarantee 1oz of pure gold.

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Those interested in investing in bullion have two main options – bars or coins. Whilst both have their benefits, the beauty of choosing gold bullion coins is that they offer more flexibility, especially for those planning to sell their gold coins on.

There are a variety of bullion coins in the UK, suitable for people with different aims. From rare and beautiful coins such as the Chinese Panda or American Eagle, to more common options, we’re pleased to supply an extensive range.

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Amongst our collection, you’ll notice some of the world’s most well recognised gold bullion coins, including the South African Gold Krugerrand. Attracting lower margins than many other coins, this makes them ideal for investment although your selection will no doubt depend upon a number of factors, including budget, taste and use.

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Bullion Coins

Aside from the type of coin itself, another consideration for those looking to buy gold coins online should be their storage. Naturally security will be a priority, leading many to store theirs in a safe, although some do choose to keep them in their homes. Those who do opt for the latter should make sure their coins are covered by their home insurance.

It may be useful for inexperienced buyers to take advantage of our expert advice before making any purchase.

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