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Gold Sovereign Coins

The Gold Sovereign Coin is a British coin that is produced by the Royal Mint as a bullion coin and released for investors and collectors. With some designs being issued in limited numbers the coin attracts a lot of interest and is considered one of the standard ways in which investors can build a gold holding of their own. Steeped in history there are many examples of gold sovereigns in the UK including those that have been in circulation as well as bullion coins. Some issues are scarcer than others and can attract significant premiums due to their rarity. Buying these coins is widely regarded as a secure investment and, coupled with other forms of precious metals, offers a way to diversify a traditional investment portfolio to achieve a balance of paper and physical assets. When it comes to buying gold sovereign coins, Physical Gold has plenty of options for both investors and collectors including single investment opportunities of rare and collectable coins in addition to our gold bullion
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