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When you buy silver coins in the UK, not only can you diversify your existing investment portfolio but you can also benefit from the tax advantages offered by investment silver. VAT free silver coins and tax-free silver coins allow you to maximise the value of your silver holding and, as coins, offer good divisibility. Many investors choose to buy silver coins from the UK to give breadth to their precious metal assets and offer additional security on the commodities market to supplement a traditional paper investment portfolio. With the price of silver far lower than gold (up to 80 times cheaper), silver coins are a popular way to start a precious metal holding on a budget. And, with the price of silver offering the potential for long term growth, it’s growing in popularity for all kinds of investors. Silver is a precious metal, less rare than gold but with a similar finite supply, and is used in many commercial applications making the supply and demand situation a foregone conclusion. High, and rising, demand coupled with a limited supply can only prove long term silver investment to be a profitable one.
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Silver coins offer good starter coins with greater divisibility than bars. When compared to silver bars, tax free silver coins provide greater flexibility when it comes to selling your silver. Due to the higher cost of production for silver coins, bars offer better value for your money when you are purchasing a greater volume of silver but do not allow divisibility of your assets in the same way as coins. In addition, coins (other than silver bullion) offer a chance of achieving greater returns when you factor in collector’s premiums. Old British silver coins, for instance, can have a scarcity value that may appreciate more than the price of silver alone. There are several options of silver coins for sale with Physical Gold: VAT free silver coins Capital Gains Tax free silver coins Old British silver coins Foreign investment coins Bullion coins You can easily buy silver coins online with Physical Gold with orders delivered direct to your door using our fully insured courier service. The Silver Britannia is one of the most popular investment silver coins. Image via Flickr.
We carefully source UK silver coins that offer a VAT free solution for investors as well as offering the Silver Britannia which is also exempt from Capital Gains Tax. You can select from our silver bullion coins; investment grade, un-circulated British coins for sale at a discount rate. We also supply old British silver coins that have a historical or collectible value. Usually attracting a greater premium than bullion, collectible coins appeal to numismatists as well as investors.
You can buy silver coins in the UK sourced internationally that are also offered with VAT exemption. We supply a range of foreign VAT free silver coins including the Austrian Philharmonic 1 oz, Silver Maple Leaf and 1 kilo Australian series. We can offer economies of scale when you purchase greater volumes of these coins. The 1 kilo Australian series is a popular choice of silver coins for sale in the UK as its large size offers value for money. A weighty piece that whilst not offering good divisibility retains a collectible premium. This size of coin negates the premiums of manufacturing costs for the equivalent value of coins in smaller denominations. Offering similar economies of scale to silver bars, the 1 kilo coin comes in a variety of designs to celebrate native Australian wildlife and includes the silver Kookaburra and Koala.
If you are investing specifically to avoid Capital Gains Tax (CGT) then the Silver Britannia is the best option. An iconic bullion coin, the Silver Britannia is issued annually with 2017 marking its 20th Anniversary and is also available in a variety of sizes to appeal to the collector’s markets. The 1 oz coin offers the best value for investment purposes but collectors may be drawn to this coin for numismatic reasons; particularly as the design of the Britannia changes regularly. Exempt from CGT, the Silver Britannia is a great way to future-proof the profits from your silver investment.
We can also supply limited edition, proof and collectible UK silver coins including old British silver coins. Collectible series of silver British coins such as the Queen’s Beast, Lunar and Landmark range, issued by the Royal Mint, are limited in number and have attracted a good deal of interest from both the domestic market as well as foreign markets. The lunar series in particular has collectible status with Asian investors. One of our best sellers is the 2oz Dragon silver bullion coin, the third in the Queen’s Beast series, is a popular choice to buy silver coins in the UK. The low price point entry for this coin makes it a good choice for both investors and collectors.

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