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Vienna Philharmonic Silver 1oz Coin (2022)



    2022 Silver Austrian Philharmonic

    This is a brand new bullion finish 1oz coin. Coins are shipped in tubes of 20, sachet for loose coins, and boxes of 500.

    Since its first release in 2008, the 1oz silver Austrian Philharmonic coin, issued by the Austrian Mint, has become the most popular silver bullion coin. This coin is now the highest minted silver bullion coin from Europe and its popularity spreads far and wide as it is very popular in Japan and the United States of America.

    The 2022 coin has, on its reverse, a collection of classic instruments including a French horn, a bassoon, a violin and a harp.

    The obverse has the portrait of the Great Organ which is in Vienna’s Musikverei concert hall.

    Each coin contains 1 Troy ounce of 999.0 Fine Silver and has a face value of Euro 1.50.

    Our Expert Opinion

    The Silver Philharmonic 1oz coin can be bought at some of the lowest prices of any silver bullion coin. For that reason alone, the coin is extremely popular for silver investors seeking a combination of value, liquidity and divisibility.

    Their mass production demonstrates the coin’s huge demand throughout Europe but it means the coins are less sought after for silver collectors. If limited issue coins are your objective, then some of the Royal Mint Lunar series and Queen’s Beasts, while more expensive, do achieve this goal.

    For UK buyers seeking investment, then buying Silver Britannias represents a good alternative to non-UK coins due to their added feature of being free from Capital Gains Tax. For modest investments, the Philharmonic is slightly cheaper, but for those in danger of breaching their annual CGT allowance, it makes sense to be tax efficient.