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China Panda 30g Silver Coin (2020)



    30g Silver China Panda

    This is a brand new silver bullion coin. Issued each year by the China Gold Coin Corp, these coins are much sought after by collectors.
    The silver bullion coin is struck in 30g of 999 fine silver rather than 1oz and has a face value of 10 Yuan. The metric weight is unusual for a bullion coin as most are still minted in imperial measurements. The change from 1oz occurred in 2016 when it is thought the Chinese Mint changed to a metric system.
    Coins are presented in plastic capsules, with multiples of 15 coming in blister packs, and orders of 450 being in monster boxes. The diameter of each coin is 40mm.

    Panda design

    The obverse contains an image of the Temple of Heaven and the reverse contains a rare Panda.
    This Panda design changes every year. For the 2020 design, the Panda lays back relaxing while eating bamboo leaves.

    Our Expert Opinion

    The Chinese Silver Panda coin benefits from worldwide recognition and a loyal fan base. Its annual design update maintains interest in each new coin, with many investors and coin collectors seeking to collect each and every version.
    For UK based silver investors, the coins can combine well with Royal Mint silver coins which benefit from also being Capital Gains Tax free due to their face value. The most popular UK silver coin would be the Silver Britannia.