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Athenian Owl 1oz Silver Coin



    1oz Silver Owl coin

    This is a brand new 1oz Silver bullion coin produced by the New Zealand Mint. The 999 purity silver coin offers investors the lowest priced 1oz silver coin available.
    The coin features a face value of 2 NZD and is produced for the South Pacific island nation of Niue.
    Small orders will come in individual sachets, with larger orders being delivered in tubes of 20, small boxes of 100 coins, or larger boxes of 500.

    Coin design

    The reverse of the coin features the Owl of the coin title. The Athenian Owl Tetradrachm was the world’s most prominent coin over 2,000 years ago as superstitious Greek soldiers believed the sight of an Owl before a battle was good luck as the goddesses would be looking over them.
    The modern Athenian Owl silver coin design features the Owl sat on a branch with the symbols of a crescent moon and olive branch nearby. The background is a hammered effect.

    Our expert opinion

    The lowest priced 1oz silver coin available so it’s definitely worth considering for investors. The history of the owl will also appeal to keen collectors of coins. These coins can combine well with other low priced silver coins to form a silver portfolio, especially if UK coins are included such as the Silver Britannia as they benefit from also being Capital Gains Tax free.