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Gold Half Sovereign Coins

Choose from our Half Sovereign Gold Coins selection for your precious metal portfolio, available at low margins above the spot price. The ½ Sovereigns are a very popular and more affordable option for investors with an attractive low entry point compared to Gold Sovereigns. They appeal especially to those who want the option of owning small pieces of gold for potential bartering, should the fiat system collapse.

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Half Sovereign Gold Coins for Sale

Bullion Half Sovereigns

The 1/2 Sovereign is a Royal Mint flagship coin with tremendous liquidity due to its popularity. The price of a Half Sovereign is roughly half the value of a Gold Sovereign with slightly higher premiums, yet it offers a great deal of versatility and an attractive investment entry point. Half Sovereigns also enable investors to buy a larger number of coins for added divisibility when selling their portfolios. At Physical Gold we stock Gold Half Sovereigns from various significant years, including coins from the reign of Queen Victoria, George V, King Edward, and Elizabeth II as well as offering a selection of best value coins from mixed years.

Invest in ½ Gold Sovereigns

Invest in ½ Gold Sovereigns

At Physical Gold Ltd we offer discreet, fully-insured delivery to your door or segregated storage in the UK. Browse our range and find a large selection of the best value gold coins for your investment portfolio. For further assistance, contact our team on 020 7060 9992 or email info@physicalgold.com