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Griffin Queens Beast

The 1oz Griffin Queens Beast marks the 2nd in the Royal Mint Beasts series of ten. Reimagined by renowned designer Jody Clark, the lion represents the first of the ten heraldic beasts which stood guard at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953.

The plaster models can still be found, now housed at the Canadian Museum of History in Quebec, with replicas standing in Kew Gardens. The 1oz fine gold bullion coin has a face value of £100 and therefore is free from Capital Gains Tax.

This is a brand new bullion coin issued b the Royal Mint. Coins will be carefully packed loose unless you order ten or more coins, which may be packed into Royal Mint coin tubes. Should you wish to protect your coins further, they fit these coin capsules.

What is a Griffin?

Also known as gryphons, the Griffin is a well-known mythical beast mostly associated with Greek mythology but interestingly originated in Ancient India. The creature itself is a (nightmare-inducing) combination of a lion’s torso and back legs, head and claws of an Eagle and ears like that of a horse. Depending on the myth, some have the addition of wings, just in case you thought you could outrun one! It’s apt that the Royal Mint chose the Griffin to launch the series, as the creature does have links to gold itself. Stories tell how merchants travelling the silk road noticed fossils of the creature near to gold veins. This association with the yellow metal then developed its reputation for being able to find the location of the gold. Rumours were that their skill at finding gold combined with their strong beaks to prise the precious metal from the rocks. The creature’s nest was said to be built near to the gold source so the Griffin could guard its treasure with its ferocious body and sharp beak. In reality, these fossils are later been confirmed as belonging to the dinosaur Pentaceratops, but it hasn’t stopped the depiction of the ancient beast. With their reputation of wisdom and strength, the image of the Griffin has always been popularly used with heraldry.

Our expert opinion

The Griffin Queens Beast is a hugely desirable investment and collectors coin. The design itself is beautiful and makes for a great talking point. As part of a 10 coin series, we expect its value to rise at a faster pace than standard issue 1oz gold coins. Look to team it with others in the Beast series such as the Dragon Beast gold coin. Currently, availability is still good as each coin in the series is being released at short intervals. However, expect these to sell out and become tricky to buy. This is the type of coin which buyers are reluctant to sell, which in turn should push premiums up. Best buy some now while you can. If you’re seeking as much tax-free gold for your money as possible, you may want to consider the standard-issue Gold Britannia coin. We expect a strong interest in these coins from Asia too, due to their British heritage and limited issue. The Royal Mint recognise the power of this influence which explains why their 1oz coins are all now made in 24-carat gold rather than 22 carats, as pure gold is what the Asian market demands. The consequence to UK buyers is that they may sell out quicker, but prices will subsequently rise faster too.

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Dimensions 32.69 mm
Manufacturer Royal Mint
Precious metals content (g) 31.103
Fineness 999.9
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