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Umicore 1 Kilo Silver Bar


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    Weight 1000.0000 g

    Umicore 1KG Silver Bar

    This fantastic 1KG fine silver bar is brand new and comes packaged in sealed plastic for its protection. Produced by renowned Swiss manufacturer Umicore, this is a cast silver bar, giving it the popular rugged look not achieved with minted bars. With a purity of 999 parts per 1,000 silver, the silver bullion bar is produced for the Principality of Andorra. This may not sound relevant, but it’s actually crucial to enhance this bar’s appeal as a silver investment. That’s because it qualifies as legal tender in Andorra due to its face value of 30 Diners.

    Why does this matter to me?

    The unusual feature of a face value on a silver bar, combined with the fact that we carefully source the bar to trigger EU tax treaties, means that you can buy this 1kilo silver bar without paying VAT and have it delivered to your door. The bar is actually cheaper than the similar Fiji 1kg silver bar produced by German company Hereaus, and comes with the Swiss heritage of Umicore which is synonymous with quality precious metals bars.

    Our Expert Opinion

    An excellent way to buy purchase physical silver in a tax efficient and valuable way. The 1kilo size reduces the production cost compared with smaller silver coins and gives more silver for your money. If buying in large quantity, you may wish to consider UK silver bullion coins which enjoy the added benefit of being free from Capital Gains Tax too. Buying Silver Britannias, in particular, affords this tax efficiency combined with high divisibility, but without charging high premiums.

    If you like the idea of the silver bullion bars without the VAT, then you may want to combine this bar with some of the other sizes to give your portfolio balance and improve liquidity. The VAT-free silver bars come in a range of sizes from 1oz right up to 5kg.

    Speak to us at Physical Gold Limited on 020 7060 9992 about buying these bars as well as about our range of gold products including gold bars and gold coins.