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Sovereign – Elizabeth II Old Head

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Sovereign Elizabeth II Old Head Gold Coin

The Sovereign Elizabeth II Old Head coin is one of the most recognised of Royal Mint’s Sovereigns.

The obverse features the Queen Elizabeth 4th portrait, while the reverse displays the classic St.George and Dragon design by Benedetto Pistucci.

The coins will date between 1998-2015.

The picture illustrates the type of coin you’ll receive, not the exact item.


The 4th head design is the first to portray The Queen as we’re familiar with her today. It succeeds the short-lived Raphael Maklouf 3rd portrait and is decidedly more jowly and realistic than it’s predecessors.Like the previous design, the 4th portrait (by Ian Rank-Broadley) is cut off at the neck, as opposed to the full bust featured in the Young Head and Deceimal versions.However, the designer felt the queen’s maturity (she was 70 years old by now), should be celebrated in the new portait rather than hidden and idealised.

Originally the Royal Mint ran a competition to create a portrait just for the front of the 1997 Gold Wedding Crown. However, the standard of entries encouraged them to use the new portrait on all new coins. The 5th portrait by Jody Clark has since followed (from 2015), which doesn’t repreant a big departure from the 4th portrait.


Which period does this coin represent?

The 4th portrait represents a period of relative stability in the Royal family. Following the upheavel of Princess Diana’s death the previous year, the Royals worked to calm unrest and provide solidity. Elizabeth had been on the throne for 46 years by the time the new coin was launched, so an air of establishment and recgnition is associated with this period. The coin issuance also spans the turn of the new millenium and the celebartions which followed. Politics and the economy varied during the period, with prsperity building in the early 2000s and the eventual credit crunch from 2007. The Royals have generally grown in popularity during this period with the more modern and down-to-earth approach of Princes William and Harry, and the birth of William’s children with the popular Kate.

Our Expert Opinion

With a general abundance of supply and limited historical value, the Old Head Elizabeth offers a low cost entry point into Tax free Gold investment. The coins are a great way to obtain alot of gold for your money without compromising on liquidity, divisibility and tax efficiency. These coins provide a great balance if teamed with sightly older coins such as the George and Edward Sovereigns.

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Weight:7.98 g
Dimensions22.05 mm
ManufacturerRoyal Mint
Pure Gold Content (g)7.3224

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