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Monthly Saver

Take advantage of low precious metal prices and diversify your savings with a Monthly Savings account. As market-leading gold and silver investment brokers, we’re perfectly placed to source the best coin prices on your behalf.

You can buy tax-free gold coins on a regular basis, to gradually build a nest egg. Setting up an account will free up your valuable time, as we automatically send coins to your door each month. Coins will be any variety of Sovereign or Half Sovereign.

Investments start from £250/month for tax-free gold coins. Receiving coins each month, levels out any volatility in the market prices. So if the price comes down one month, your coins will cost less – providing cost price averaging over the longer term. So you’ll build your nest egg regardless of whether the price rises, or falls, in the short term.

When it comes to selling all, or part of your investment, we can also broker the best sale deal for you – with market leading sell back rates.

  • Affordable starting point
  • All gold coins are tax free
  • No tie ins
  • Cost price averaging
  • Great alternative to an ISA
  • Complete the online form
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email
  • Set up a standing order
  • Start receiving your metals


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