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Black Friday sale

Buying gold and silver on Black Friday

The day following thanksgiving in the US is of course Black Friday and typically kicks off the official Christmas shopping season. If you thought that people only shopped for clothes, shoes and electronics, you’re wrong. It’s the festive season and a  great time of the year to bring cheer to your loved one by buying precious metals. Historically, Black Friday has featured great sales of jewellery with discounts of up to 78.75% in past years.

Black Friay
Gold and silver are great gift ideas for Black Friday

Prices of gold and silver through 2017 and 2018

Spot prices of gold and silver have remained steady with silver around $17 USD  per ounce and gold at $1245 USD per ounce. In fact, the movement in gold and silver prices over the last 60 days has been almost identical. With 2017 drawing to a close, the focus is now on 2018 with the pundits coming out with their precious metals forecasts for the coming year.

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UBS strategist Joni Teves, believes that there are no immediate upcoming factors that are likely to impact gold prices significantly up to 2018 and her prediction is that gold will average $1285 per ounce next year. A somewhat longer comparison over the last two years of the two precious metals reveals that they have almost been mirroring each other over that period.

Black Friday Gold and Silver charts
Gold and Silver prices almost mirrors each other over a 60 day period

Black Friday gold and silver deals in 2017

A number of high street retailers as well as specialist dealers in gold and silver are expected to come forward with great offers for Black Friday – November 24 2017. Goldsmiths have a great range of Christmas jewellery that they typically bring out with special offers for Black Friday. Another UK high street name is Argento. Although they have not yet announced their Black Friday offers, they have come up with good ones in the past and are well worth watching. Pia, another leading name in jewellery is also expected to introduce their offers soon. A trend that is likely to dominate Black Friday 2017 is mobile commerce. Shoppers in the UK are likely to spend more than 6 million hours on mobile shopping on 24th November 2017 – a growth of 45% over the last two years. Gold and silver retailers like John Greed Jewellery or  The Jewel Hut will also join the action to get a share of your wallet during this event.

Black Friday 2yr charts
Gold and silver mirroring over the last two years

Ensure you know more before getting a Black Friday deal

Before you rush off and splurge on that Black Friday deal, convinced that it’s a no brainer, stop and think a while. If you don’t have prior experience in buying gold, perhaps you could benefit from our gold buying guide. If it’s silver you’re after, not a problem.

As a leading gold and silver investment broker in the country, it’ll be our pleasure to give you certain market insights, that can help you make an informed choice. There’s loads of information available on our website as well. We are active in the media, and we have put links to recent press releases on our website for you to go through. Call us on 020 7060 9992 or you can even mail us through this link.  We would be delighted to assist you.

Physical Gold’s 2017 Black Friday Offer

Here at Physical Gold, we call our pre-festive sale ‘Gold Friday’, to reflect all the

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golden bargains we offer for a few days. In 2017, our Gold Friday sale runs from 7pm Thursday 23rd November to midnight Monday 27th November. While last year we offered a coupon code, giving money off certain purchases, this year we’ve opted for a more far reaching flash sale. We’re offering reduced prices off all our gold and silver coins and bars. Percentage discounts range from 1% on some current year bullion products, all the way up to 10% off more numismatic coins such as the Young Head Victoria Sovereign. This is the first time, our new updated system has illustrated the original price and sale price for every product under each quantity amount.  This provides complete transparency as to exactly how much you can save for each item.

Gold bars also receive up to 3% off, despite their already tight premiums. For those seeking ultimate value we’ve even applied a 1% discount to our new range of ‘Best Value’ products, including Best Value 100g Gold Bar, Best Value Sovereigns and Best Value Krugerrands. Finally, we’re also offering deals for 4 days on some of the latest issue gold and silver bullion coins. This includes the beautiful new Royal Mint Year of the Dog coin, produced in both gold and silver versions. And the Queen’s Beasts Unicorn gold and silver coins. All of these not only benefit from being reduced in price, but also enjoy capital gais tax free status, so all your profits are yours to keep.

But please don’t wait until Monday night to pick up a bargain. All offers are subject to availability, and we anticipate some of the new issued coins, and the biggest discounted coins and bars to go quickly.

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