Saving for your retirement? Here’s how gold could help secure your future.

saving for your retirement

Saving for your retirement is a top priority

If you’re currently saving for your retirement, then it’s possible that you’re using a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) as one of your main methods of saving.

Your SIPP will probably carry a range of bonds, funds, shares and other elements, known as asset classes, depending on how it was set up. If you manage your SIPP yourself, then you may have added certain shares to it over time. If a company manage it on your behalf, then they will likely assign your SIPP to various funds.


However, did you know that you can also add gold to your SIPP?

Gold is a separate asset class on its own and can be a very valuable part of your SIPP. But why is this? How do you add gold to your SIPP and how does it benefit your pension savings?

Firstly, the reason many people have gold in their SIPP is to provide a ‘hedge’ against the other elements of their pension. Gold isn’t linked to the price of traded shares, so for example, if the markets go down, it doesn’t necessarily mean the price of gold will also fall. In fact, historically, gold has tended to rise when traded shares have fallen.


This can help your SIPP maintain its value due to this balance. Having a diversified SIPP like this can mean that, overall, your SIPP retains its value, or at least is protected because of this diversification, if the markets were to fall.

In this way, gold can provide security and protection to your SIPP, where otherwise it might be viewed as being exposed to market crashes, regardless of which shares or funds it’s invested in.

Adding gold to your SIPP is also easy. If you already have a SIPP, then Physical Gold can organise the addition of gold as part of your existing investment. If you don’t already have a SIPP, then we can help you set one up, and start your investment with some gold savings.

Pension gold is a great way to save for your retirement and a great way to ‘hedge’ your existing investments for a more secure future. You can find out more about how Physical Gold can help you do this here.

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