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2oz Queen's Beasts White Horse of Hanover Silver Coin (2020)


    Categories 2oz Silver Coins, Silver Queen's Beasts Coins.
    Weight 62.2070 g

    Silver White Horse of Hanover Queens Beasts

    This is a brand new 2oz silver bullion coin from The Royal Mint. It represents the ninth release in the exclusive series of ten silver coins. Coins are sent in a sachet, with orders in multiples of ten coming in tubes, and orders of 200 coins being packed in an official box.

    This exciting new coin is struck to 999.9 purity silver and contains 2oz of the precious metal. Being larger than the standard 1oz silver coins allows for detailed coin design. With a face value of £5 Sterling, the coin qualifies as UK legal tender. Rather than use it to purchase goods, buyers benefit from legal tender coins being free from Capital Gains Tax, so any profits made are tax free. Coins are produced to bullion finish so they benefit from great value.


    The know familiar fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by renowned designer Jody Clark adorns the front of the White Horse coin. This portrait stands out due to the dimpled background upon which it sits. The £5 denomination is confirmed around the edging.

    The reverse of the silver coin differentiates it from the other coins in the Queens Beasts series. Taking pride of place in the centre of the coin is the original depiction of the White Horse from the House of Hanover, rearing onto its hind legs. In front of the horse, sits the shield, depicting the Hanover Royal Arms from 1714. This reflects the crown being adorned by George I of Hanover, who was selected to reign as the closest living Protestant relative to Queen Anne .

    The shield displays the leopards of England and the lion of Scotland in the top left quarter, the recognisable fleur-de-lis of France in the second quarter, the Irish harp in the third quarter and the Arms of Hanover in the final segment.