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2oz Queen's Beasts White Greyhound of Richmond Silver Coin (2021)


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    Weight 62.2070 g

    Queen’s Beast White Greyhound of Richmond 2021

    This is a brand new 2oz  silver coin issued by The Royal Mint

    Produced by the Royal Mint as part of their esteemed Queens Beast series.  Each coin is minted to 999.9 purity silver, containing 2 troy ounce of 24-carat silver. The coins are issued without expensive presentation boxes to maximize the amount of silver for your money. Coins will be packaged loose for small quantities and orders of 10 or more may come in Royal Mint tubes, and monster boxes contain quantities of 200 coins

    The 10th and final coin in the Queen’s Beasts series is the White Greyhound of Richmond.  The Queen’s Beasts illustrate the 10 famous statues that were placed in Westminster Abbey at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in June 1953 to guard her entrance.  The original statues reside at the Canadian Museum of History in Quebec, replicas at Kew Gardens. The Beasts represent the Queen’s line of descent and legitimacy as heir.

    The White Greyhound of Richmond links Queen Elizabeth II to her ancestor King Henry VII of the Tudor dynasty. The white greyhound was first used as a royal beast by Edward III, appearing on his Great Seal, and later by successive kings, including Henry VII until the greyhound was replaced with bulls by Edward IV.  Henry VII father was Edmund Tudor, the 1st Earl of Richmond and the greyhound was a symbol of the Honour of Richmond.


    2oz Queen’s Beast White Greyhound of Richmond Silver Coin

    The greyhound is pictured above a shield bearing the double Tudor rose and crown, symbolising the combining of the rival Houses of Lancaster and York. The obverse design represents the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.  The designs are by Jody Clark,

    As with all the 2oz Queens Beast coins, the substantial size enables the detail of the design to stand out.  The coin contains 2oz of fine silver, as with other British coins, this coin is exempt from Capital Gains Tax.  For more information on investing in Silver Coins.


    Our Expert Opinion

    The Queen’s Beast coin series is immensely popular, previous issues of the series tend to sell out, with premiums rising sharply.  Whether you are looking to purchase one coin, the full set or several coins for investment, in either gold or silver, buy quickly while stocks last and lock in the value.