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Silver Griffin Queen's Beast 2oz coin | 2017


    Categories 2oz Silver Coins, Silver Queen's Beasts Coins.
    Weight 62.2070 g

    Silver Griffin Queen’s Beast

    Marking the 2nd in the Royal Mint Beasts series of ten is the 2oz Silver Griffin Queen’s Beast coin. This is a brand-new bullion finish coin, issued by the Royal Mint. Bulk orders are packaged 10 per tube, and 200 per box.

    The Queen’s Beast Griffin is a very popular coin for both collectors and investors.  This second coin, in the series of ten silver bullion coins, contains two ounces of fine silver, has a face value of £5 and classifies as legal tender.

    Designed by Jody Clark, a Royal Mint designer, and made of 2oz of fine silver, the obverse of the coin features the fifth portrait of Elizabeth II and the reverse features the Griffin with its shield of the House of Windsor.

    History and design

    The inspiration for the ‘Queen’s Beast’ range of silver coins comes from the fascinating history of the British monarchy and, in particular, the story of the Queen’s Coronation in June 1953. Ten beasts stood guard outside Westminster Abbey as she proceeded towards the main service.

    The sculptor James Woodford was commissioned by the British Ministry of Works, to create ten new Beasts, similar to the ‘King’s Beasts’ which had been commissioned almost 400 years earlier for King Henry VIII.

    Griffin of Edward III

    This particular coin represents The Griffin of Edward III, which was considered to be a benevolent creature representing strength, courage and guardianship.

    The third coin in the range of silver Queen’s Beasts is the Red Dragon of Wales, and you can add this to your collection by clicking here.

    Interestingly, an historic solid gold crown was placed upon the Queen’s head during her Coronation service.    Weighing 4lb and 12 ounces, the St Edward’s Crown, made in 1661 is one of the oldest crown jewels in the United Kingdom, and is the centrepiece of British Monarch Coronations.

    Our expert opinion

    This fantastic range of Royal Mint silver coins are proving to be hugely popular. With a face value of £5, the coin qualifies as tax-free due to it’s legal tender status. This provides a distinct advantage over some of the non-UK coins such as the Silver Maple Leaf. The fact that it’s double-sized at 2oz, rather than the standard 1oz silver bullion coin, means that more detail is achievable on the coin design and the coin feels far more satisfying and heavy in the hand.

    As part of a 10 part limited edition silver collector’s coin series, the Griffin appeals to both collectors and investors, and as with any physical asset, the more people who desire it, the higher price it will fetch in the future.