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Best Value 1oz Silver Britannia (mixed years)



    Best value silver Britannia

    These are mixed year pre-owned 1oz silver Britannia coins. Availability is always limited due to the Britannia benefitting from a majority of buy and hold investors. It is the sister coin to the popular gold Britannia.

    All the coins are 999 purity silver coins, produced by The Royal Mint. Regardless of the year of issue, the coins feature a face value of £2, qualifying the coins as legal tender and more importantly free from Capital Gains Tax.

    If your main objective is getting as much value as possible, then this is the coin for you. Due to its obvious value appeal, supplies tend to be sold very quickly, so keep an eye out for availability or even better, click on ‘notify me when in stock’ on this page so you get a head start on other keen buyers.

    Britannia design

    Coins from 2015 onwards will feature designer Jody Clark’s familiar 5th portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Coins pre-2015 will benefit from featuring the 4th portrait, designed by Ian Rank-Broadley of a 70-year-old Elizabeth.

    The reverse of these silver coins features the British icon Britannia. Excitingly the actual image is redesigned every couple of years. Some face left, others right. Some are close-ups while other display Britannia riding a chariot. The famous shield and trident are included in all but the very close up versions which tend the feature the head and shoulders only. Buying the best value silver Britannias means you could receive any of the designs, or indeed a mix of issues. Not only are you paying a discounted rate due to the pre-owned nature of the coins, but the age of the coins (and various designs) can add an element of collectibility to the coins.

    Our expert opinion

    Physical Gold Limited feel that like all silver Britannias, pre-owned coins are highly desirable for silver investors. Their immense value makes them accessible for modest buyers and enables portfolio divisibility when compared to buying gold products such as gold bars and gold coins (such as gold Sovereigns).

    Divisibility shouldn’t be overlooked as we’ve known many investors buying silver bars such as huge 1kg and 5kg silver bars, who then cannot raise small amounts of cash by selling a few silver coins. Their tax-free nature provides additional investment value, as does an increased element of scarcity for the older coins