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Best Value 5 Kilo Silver Bar


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    Weight 5000.0000 g

    Best Value 5KG Silver Bar

    This is designed for those seeking the cheapest 5 KG silver bullion available and is not focussed on a particular brand. You’ll receive 5kilo 24 carat  silver bullion bars from stock, which will be manufactured by one of the world’s best-known refiners. Brands will include Heraeus, Umicore, UBS, Peth Mint, Credit Suisse, Pamp, Bairds, and Metalor, amongst others.

    The 5 Kilo Silver bar provides a lower cost way of buying physical silver than 1oz silver coins or smaller silver bars.

    Watch our Video, “Silver bars or silver coins – which is the best investment? – Find out in our YouTube video.”


    When choosing which weight of silver bar to buy, we also recommend reading our article – how much is a silver bar worth? This provides much insight into what determines the value of a silver bar – including cast vs minted and discussion on the silver buying/selling spread.

    All silver bars supplied by Physical Gold Limited are LBMA approved and are guaranteed for both fineness and weight.

    An alternative investment in silver coins

    An alternative to this bar may be to focus on UK silver coins. In particular silver Britannias are a very popular option for silver investing. They are 1oz in weight, providing more flexibility to your portfolio so you can sell smaller increments than owning 1kilo silver bars. They have the added advantage of a British legal tender status, so are also free from Capital Gains Tax. This may not be relevant if you’re looking at modest investments as each UK individual is allowed around £11,000 of capital gains each year before they are subject to tax. However, if you’re buying larger quantities or intend adding investments to your initial holding, then this may be a consideration.

    Get in touch to buy 5KG silver bars

    If you are interested in buying a 5KG silver bullion bar, then we encourage you to contact us today and discuss your options. We are here to help; our experts are happy to provide help and guidance during the silver buying process. Importantly, we also offer buyback, so if you need to sell any 5KG silver bars you have bought from us later, we will buy them back at the prevailing rates of the time of sale.

    To contact us simply call us on 020 7060 9992 or email us. Test our efficient and helpful service. If you need further guidance on buying silver, read our comprehensive guide “how to buy silver”.