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1oz Britannia Privy Mark Snake | Silver | 2013



    1oz Silver Brit Privy Snake

    This 2013 silver coin, was the first to be struck by The Royal Mint with a privy-marked rim.  Just like the regular silver Britannia, each coin contains 1oz of .999 pure silver and has a face value of £2.
    The reverse of this coin shows the popular Philip Nathan design of Britannia herself in her toga and helmet. In one hand she is holding her trident and in the other, an olive branch and shield.
    Around the border of the coin is the word ‘Britannia’ along with the coin’s weight, purity and year of mintage.
    On the obverse of this coin is the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II along with a ring of text.
    This text is ‘ElizabethII’ along with the Latin ‘D G Reg Fid Def’ and the denomination of the coin.

    Our expert opinion

    The Privvy snake Britannia has proved popular to both investors and collectors alike. Mintage limits were relatively high for these coins and its successor, the Silver Privy horse Britannia. Mintages for subsequent privvy edition Britannias have fallen, making them rarer. However, this means that these silver coins are still available at reasonable premiums, offering the chance to own limited issue versions of the classic investment Britannia coin at accessible prices. As the years go on, they will no doubt become increasingly difficult to supply and premiums will rise accordingly.

    With the coins produced to bullion coin finish, production costs are also kept to a minimum, increasing the coin’s appeal as a good value investment coin. The face value and queen’s head qualify the coin as legal tender, granting capital gains tax free status to any profits made upon sale.

    If you want to play it safe, then buying the standard silver Britannia will reduce the purchase cost per unit but the chances of value increases above and beyond the underlying silver price, are far more limited. A popular choice is to combine these silver privy Britannias with other collectible silver bullion coins such as the Queens Beast series and Lunar coins.  Both are also CGT exempt and form a limited issue collection, with the Queens Beast silver coins adding variety to a portfolio with their 2oz double-sized stature.