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Red-Tailed Hawk 1oz Silver Coin (2015)



    Red Tailed Hawk Silver coin

    This is a collectible 1oz silver coin produced by The Royal Canadian Mint. Coins come in individual sachets, or in tubes of 25 coins and boxes of 500. The silver bullion coin possesses a face value of 5 Canadian Dollars, a silver purity of 999.9 and a weight of 31.103g. The Red-Tailed hawk is the third in a four part special edition set of coins minted by the Canadian Mint to celebrate it’s birds of prey. It follows on from 2014’s Peregrine Falcon and Bald Eagle releases and has a limited mintage of only 1 million coins. The Great Horned Owl is the final coin release, also being minted in 2015.

    Coin design and features

    The obverse of the silver coin features the now familiar Canadian portrait of Queen Elizabeth II facing right, as part of the British Commonwealth. Below the portrait is confirmation of the face value and year of issue (2015).
    The reverse of the coin showcases the magnificent Hawk swooping down towards its prey. The detail achieved in the bird’s feathering is particularly impressive. The wording ‘Canada’ is displayed above, while the ‘1oz Fine Silver argent pur’ confirms the weight and metal below.