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1oz Superman™ | Silver Coin



    2016 Silver 1oz Superman Coin

    Produced by The Canadian Mint, the 1oz silver Superman coin is produced to the same high standard as the Canadian Maple. This is a brand new silver bullion coin. Coins are packed individually in tamper-proof plastic packaging with an authentic Superman seal, with larger orders coming in Superman sealed plastic tubes of multiples of 25, and amazing Superman-themed Monster Boxes of 500 coins.

    Containing 1 troy ounce of .9999 pure silver, this coin has a face value of C$5.

    The obverse of this coin includes the 2003 portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

    The reverse contains the famous Superman ‘S’ shield along with a micro-engraved maple leaf.

    As an added security measure, the number ‘16’ is also engraved within the maple leaf.

    The coins are limited to a total mintage of 1million units so demand is high from collectors and investors alike.


    First developed by DC Comics, the legend of the fictional superhero Superman has proved one of the most popular and enduring characters of all time. Sent to Earth when his home planet of Krypton was set to explode, he grew up on earth with adoptive parents. As time went on, he discovered living on Earth grants him amazing superpowers, unlike anyone else. He decides to use these abilities for the greater good and fight against evil.

    In addition to thousands of comics, Superman has thrilled million worldwide in the cinema, the small screen and in video games.

    Our Expert Opinion

    Rather than being gimmicky, these wonderful coins are super impressive. The Royal Canadian Mint’s famous Maple Leaf coin has always been held in high esteem, both for its unrivalled purity and quality production. That reputation and attention to detail lends credibility to these coins and ensures they’re well regarded throughout the world.

    At 1oz in weight, the coins afford the buyer easy liquidity and divisibility in contrast to holding silver bars which may weigh 1 kg to 5 kg each. The coins are of remarkable value, considering the Canadian Mint’s heritage and reputation and the limited issue nature of the coins. Usually, such coins would cost a far greater premium. There is every chance their value will rise faster than many other silver coins due to their sheer collectibility and probable scarcity in future years.

    Combining this coin with UK silver coins is ideal if you’re looking to build silver in bulk. These coins benefit from also being Capital Gains Tax-free for UK investors. Why not speak to us at Physical Gold Limited about our range of gold and silver investments.