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Best Value 500g Silver Bar


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    Weight 500.0000 g

    500g Silver Bullion Bar

    This is a 500g Silver bar of our choice from stock. All bars are 24-carat silver and manufactured from one of the world’s leading refineries. Brands will include Pamp, Metalor, Heraeus, Baird, Credit Suisse, UBS, Umicore. The bars will be pre-owned but remain in excellent condition.

    Our Expert Opinion

    This is an ingenious solution for silver investors. The desire to purchase silver bullion VAT-Free has existed for years now, and now its possible with this bar. The 500g Silver bars provide a high degree of liquidity due to their modest size and standardised format. Depending on the total amount you’re looking to invest, it may be worth combining these bars with the larger ones we offer in the same VAT-Free series to average your cost per kilo down (Better prices per kilo come with larger bars). Those include the 1kg silver bar and the huge 5kg silver bar. If Capital Gains Tax is a consideration, then it’s definitely worth contemplating adding UK Silver coins to the mix. Buying Silver Britannias adds further divisibility to your portfolio, as each coin weighs a mere 1oz, and as UK legal, any profits on these coins are free from CGT.