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Pre-Owned UK Full Sovereign 10 coin bundle (mixed dates)


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    Weight 7.98 g

    Sovereign 10 coin bundle

    You will receive 10 x gold full Sovereign coins with monarch heads ranging from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth. This is a cheaper way of buying ten x Gold Full Sovereigns.

    Coins will be allocated to fill your bundle from our choice depending on stock levels. All Sovereigns will be pre-owned and offer the best value possible. It will appeal to those seeking tax free gold coins at the very lowest prices. All pre-owned Sovereigns undergo the same strict quality checks as all our coins and bars so you can rest assured all will be in good condition.

    Coins will be carefully packed loose but if you’d like to further protect your coins, we offer a Gold Full Sovereign Case (Fits 10 x Coins) or Sovereign coin capsules.

    Great value Sovereigns

    Prices are based more on bullion weight than numismatic value, attracting those seeking straightforward cost-effective gold investment. The obverse of the Sovereign features the various British monarchs, while the reverse will feature either the famous St George and the Dragon design, or the rarer ‘shield back’ motif.

    Here are “5 Reasons to buy gold sovereigns”, in this Physical Gold Ltd YouTube video.

    Which Sovereign heads are there?


    As an investment company, we focus on Sovereigns issued from the Victorian era (1871) up to the current Elizabeth era. Three heads exist under the long Queen Victoria reign. The oldest and most valuable version is the Young Head Victoria, representing the monarch as an exciting fresh-faced new Queen. The second head is known as the Jubilee head, being minted in the middle of her reign between 1887 and 1893. The final Victoria Sovereign variety is known as the Old Head, reflecting the prime of her reign and most memorable achievements.

    Edward VII

    Alternatively, pre-owned Sovereigns could be from the Edwardian era between 1901-1910. Perhaps due to his short reign, the Edward VII Sovereigns are highly sought due to only a decade of minting, in stark contrast to Victoria’s record rule.

    George V

    Following from Edward, the Sovereign featured the portrait of King George V, with mintage between 1911 and 1932, wrapping either side of the Great War.

    Elizabeth II

    Finally, our current Queen Elizabeth II has now usurped the record supremacy of Victoria, which is reflected with 5 different versions of her portrait, including the young head and decimal portrait.

    Coins are unlikely to be the current year of issue, but may well be as new as a year or two old. The general rule of thumb is the older the Sovereign, the higher its value. That’s because each Sovereign contains the same intrinsic pure gold content of 7.32g, but then also comprises an additional value based on scarcity, history and desirability. Therefore, not only are these coins cheaper than brand new Sovereigns, but they’re generally worth more too!

    Our Expert Opinion

    Most often than not, these coins will be nearly new or dated within the past 10 years. Providing the same value as buying a nearly new car. However, you can get lucky and receive older more valuable coins at the same great price, giving you amazing value and a piece of history.

    For those focusing on investing in tax free gold coins in the UK, the pre-owned Sovereign bundle really does represent an excellent choice. If you’re not looking to put together a collection of the various Sovereign heads and just want as much tax free gold for your money as possible, then this is the right choice. Each coin is not only VAT-exempt but due to its legal tender status, any profits also remain Capital Gains Tax free. Why not also consider buying Britannia gold coins as an alternative option?

    For collectors, it may not provide the power to choose exactly which coins you’ll receive, but it can be an exciting way of adding to your collection with the knowledge that you may indeed receive a far older coin than money should afford, at much lower rates than you could buy that coin individually.

    If you do wish to handpick exactly which coins you’ll receive, you can shop for each coin type in our collectable coins section.