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Victoria Young Head Shield Back Sovereign


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    Sovereign Victoria Young Head Gold Coin (shield back)

    The Sovereign Victoria Young Head coin was minted in the heyday of the Victorian era. The Royal Mint’s best known coin, the Sovereign, has a history dating back to 1489.

    All our pre-owned coins undergo strict quality checks by our team of experts. The grade of coin will be selected from our finest in stock. The picture provides an example of the type of coin you’ll receive. If you’d like to further protect your coins, we offer Sovereign coin capsules. This product suits investors who do not mind which year they receive.

    These hugely collectible coins feature the sought-after shield back design on its reverse. This emblem was imagined by designer Jean Baptiste Merlen

    The obverse of the coin depicts Queen Victoria as a young 18 year old woman with her hair ties in a bun. This portrait by engraver William Wyon is commonly referred to as the bun-head portrait.

    The coins will date between 1838-1874.

    Our Expert Opinion

    These are amongst the oldest coins we sell and are considered semi-numismatic. In other words, its value consists of both its gold content and a historical or collectors coin value. Premiums on older numismatic coins will be far higher due to rarity and more sophisticated knowledge of historical coins is advised before venturing into buying coins of 150 years or more.