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Lion Queen's Beast Gold 1oz



    Lion Queen’s Beast

    The Gold Lion Queen’s Beast marks the start of a new Royal Mint series. The 1oz Gold bullion coin is the first of ten in the series. These are brand new coins issued by The Royal Mint. Coins will come loose or maybe in Royal Mint tubes for orders of ten or more. Individual coin capsules can be ordered from us to safeguard coins. These capsules fit perfectly.

    Reimagined by renowned designer Jody Clark, the lion represents the first of the ten heraldic beasts which stood guard at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953. The 10 heraldic beasts represent Elizabeth’s ancestry.  Positioned at the temporary annexe of Westminster Abbey for the Queen’s coronation, the 10 uncoloured statues each held a (coloured) shield with a coat of arms reflecting some part of the queen’s genealogy. The originals were designed by James Woodford, after being commissioned by the British Ministry of Works. The idea derived from ten similar beast statues housed at Hampton Court Palace whose originals were made for King Henry VIII more than four decades ago. While they refected heraldic arms of Henry’s ancestry, the new statues were to represent Elizabeth more closely. The 6 foot high beasts, weighing more than 700 lbs each are now fully painted with colour.

    The plaster models can still be found, now housed at the Canadian Museum of History in Quebec, with replicas standing in Kew Gardens.

    The 1oz fine gold coin has a face value of £100 and therefore is free from Capital Gains Tax.

    The Lion

    The lion has long been an animal closely associated with Great Britain so it seems apt that the first coin in the Queen’s Beast series should feature the Lion. Specifically, the crowned golden lion of England has been a supporter of royal arms since the mid-fifteenth century. The shield displays Queen Victoria’s version of the Arms of the United Kingdom. This is split into quarters with two depicting the lions of Richard The Lionheart (twelfth century), one being the harp of Ireland, and the other being the tressure of Scotland. The original launch in 2016 sold-out immediately and the Royal Mint only managed to get more minted three months later. Proof and Silver Lion Beasts have also been produced.

    Our Expert Opinion

    The Lion Queen’s Beast is undeniably a stunning coin and worth adding to any collection. Premiums can vary depending on supply, but we expect this series to become very collectable and desirable in years to come. Being issued in 24-carat gold, the coins will appeal to the Asian market, especially with the fascinating history linked to the heraldic beasts. The coins will, therefore, offer great upside potential, and with a face value of £100, qualify as legal tender and therefore are tax-free. For any investment other than a small handful of coins, we’d recommend combining these coins with the Britannia which is a standard issue coin offering lower premiums, and the Sovereign which offers a perfect combination of value and divisibility.