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2021 1oz Philharmonic Gold Coin



    Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin

    This is a bullion finish coin. Coins will be packaged loose for small quantities and orders of 10 or more may come in a tube, and 500 in a box.

    If you would like to protect your coins further, these coin capsules fit perfectly.

    This is a 1oz gold bullion coin issued by the Austrian Mint

    One side of the coin displays a variety of musical instruments including a Viennese horn, a harp and violins. The obverse pays homage to the great organ in the Musikverein Concert Hall in Vienna which is where the Vienna Philharmonic perform when they are in Austria.

    Initially the face value of this coin was 2000 Austrian schillings, but after the introduction of the euro, it changed to 100 Euros.

    It is struck in 999.9 fine gold, putting it amongst the purest gold bullion coins in the world.

    Coin History and Mintage

    The Gold Philharmonic coin was first issued in 1989 and in the following years it was widely recognised as the most popular and best-selling gold bullion coin in the world.

    The coin is issued in multiple sizes including the 1/25 oz, the ¼ oz and the ½ oz. It’s also proved very popular in its silver guise, as one of the best-selling foreign silver coins.

    In 2004, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Vienna Philharmonic Gold coin, the Austrian mint created an incredible 1,000 oz coin with a face value of 100,000 euros. It consisted of 31.103 kg of pure gold. This coin is affectionately known as the ‘Big Phil’.

    Subsequent anniversary coins have been a 20 oz coin issued for the 20th anniversary and a 1/25 oz issued for the 25th anniversary.

    This is currently the only European bullion coin with its face value in euros. It is only legal tender in Austria.

    The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

    The Vienna Philharmonic is based at the Musikverein in Vienna.

    The selection process is lengthy, with every musician needing to demonstrate their ability over a 3-year period of performing for the opera and ballet.

    The orchestra operates under a ‘Democratic Self-Administration’. Day to day decisions are made by 12 elected members of the administrative committee.

    Our Expert Opinion

    The Philharmonic 1oz coin has established itself as one of the best known and desired gold and silver bullions coins available. Low premiums represent good value for a high purity coin and there’s a strong demand when selling. Its beautiful design and cultural connotations have acted to enhance its universal appeal.

    As a mainstream bullion coin, the Philharmonic is a great solution for both gold and silver investment and collectors, especially if you able to obtain any of the anniversary coins. For those looking to be tax efficient, it may be worth considering UK alternatives which hold the added advantage of being Capital Gains Tax Free. The 1oz Britannia coin is very comparable as it’s also now produced in 24 carat purity, both in gold and silver. Combining the Philharmonic with other liquid coins from around the world (also featured in this World gold coin category), makes for a wonderful collection.