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Best Value 1oz Gold Krugerrand 5 coin bundle

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Rand Refinery
South Africa
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Best Value Gold Krugerrand Coin Bundle

This is a bundle of 5 x 1oz Gold Krugerrand coins, This special offer provides a cheaper way to buy five x 1oz Krugerrand gold coins.

The 1oz Gold Krugerrand is arguably the world’s most popular bullion coin. While buying Britannias or Sovereigns may be the most common gold purchase for UK investors, the Krugerrand enjoys the most consistent recognition and demand worldwide. Certainly, it dominates gold investment demand in Europe. The Krugerrand already represents great value for the avid gold investor, it’s a mass-produced bullion coin designed for investment purposes, so premiums are low reflecting its abundance.

Cheapest way to buy Krugerrands

The Best Value Krugerrand offers you the chance to buy Krugerrands at even lower rates. Rather than receiving the latest version of the coin, you’ll receive Krugerrands of mixed years, of our choice, depending on stock levels. This enables us to offer the Krugers at even lower premiums. This coin is a fantastic choice if your main motivation is value and you wish to receive as much gold for your money, without compromising liquidity or divisibility. All our Best Value Krugerrands undergo a strict checking process to ensure all are of very good condition.

Krugerrand Gold Coin Design

The Krugerrand is a 22 carat world gold coin containing exactly 1oz or 31.103g of pure gold. Like to Gold Sovereign, the exact alloy mix can vary from year, changing annual colour slightly. However, the metal combination provides great resistance to bangs and scratches, meaning pre-owned Krugerrands are amongst the best condition second-hand coins in the market.

The obverse, designed by Otto Shultz, features the four-term former South Africa President Paul Kruger. Meanwhile, the reverse displays one of South Africa’s national animals the Springbok antelope, along with the inscription ‘Krugerrand’, the year of mintage and confirmation of the pure gold content.

The design of the coin doesn’t change from year to year which offers a comforting familiarity and feeling of longevity, while also keeping prices low due to no redesign costs.

Krugerrand History & Mintage

2017 represented a milestone for the famous Gold Krugerrand. It marks 50 years since its launch in 1967, reflecting its success in the gold investment market. No other coin has really come close to matching its accomplishment. The idea behind its original launch was to capitalise on South Africa’s abundant gold mining industry by providing the perfect gold investment vehicle. While the British Sovereign had established itself for well over a century, its obscure gold weight (0.2354oz) meant the average person found it difficult to track its value.

The Krugerrand was the first mass-produced bullion coin to contain exactly 1oz of pure gold, and the market loved it. So much so, that it accounted for 90% of the global coin market by 1980. Always ready to capitalise on opportunities, the South African Mint launched smaller denominations of the coin that year while its demand was at a peak. Variations include half, quarter and tenth-ounce versions. This was despite many Western countries banning the import of old Krugerrands during the 1970s and 80s due to South Africa’s problems with apartheid.

Gold Krugerrand popularity

The unparalleled success of the Krugerrand has spawned many copycat coin launches. It proved to be the inspiration of other eminent gold bullion coins such as the Canadian Maple Leaf, the Australian Nugget, Chinese Gold Panda, American Eagle, and finally, after 20 years of Krugerrand circulation, our very own Gold Britannia coin.

Mintage figures vary hugely from year to year. Early annual production varied between 40,000 and 200,000, while peak years in the mid-1970s saw mintage reach a heady 6 million in 1978. For that reason, the most common period for pre-owned Krugerrands is the mid-1970s. Production pulled back dramatically during the international apartheid sanctions, falling to around 25,000 due to crushed overseas demand. However,  figures have recovered since sanctions have been dropped, albeit not to its peak levels.

Our Expert Opinion

The Beast Value Krugerrand is highly recommended for anyone seeking super low premiums and liquidity. It provides far more flexibility than buying large gold bars but offers similar value. There are few coins with the sheer depth in its second-hand market, so you’ll always be able to sell Krugerrands easily, quickly and achieve a good price. We would always buy these pre-owned coins over the latest year of issue, as we don’t see the point in paying extra when the older Krugerrands maintain their integrity so well. While the Krugerrands may not hold huge gold collectors appeal, due to their abundance and lack of design change, they are one of the top choices for gold investing.

If you’re buying substantial quantities of coins, or intend to build a holding over a number of years, you may want to consider the UK coins such as the Britannia or the Best Value Sovereign coin. Both have the added advantage of being Capital Gains Tax free for UK investors. Owning these coins also represents great value and liquidity, but selling a large quantity at any time will prove more tax efficient. Obviously, selling your Krugerrands strategically, in tranches, will prevent breaching the annual CGT allowance which currently stands at over £11,00 per person.


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