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Foreign Gold Coins

Few assets have the sheer global appeal of gold. Its ownership has been desired for thousands of years in every corner of the earth, regardless of faith or background. As such, gold coins have been manufactured initially as currency, and later for investment purposes, in many countries around the world. This makes sense, not only because every country can benefit from using gold as a store of wealth and means of exchange, but also because gold can be mined in so many global areas. Our infographic breaks down the where in the world the most gold is mined. While UK coins issued by the Royal Mint have obvious appeal, foreign gold coins also have a part to play. Clearly, the various designs, background history and production values across major mints, appeals to coin collectors. Venturing beyond UK coins provides an opportunity to own hundreds of different gold bullion coins. Our priority is always to focus on gold investment, so we have narrowed down our foreign coin shop page to just the most well-known and liquid foreign minted coins.
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