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Best Value Half Sovereign



    Best Value Half Sovereign Gold Coin

    This product will be a pre-owned Gold Half Sovereign Coin. The year and portrait will be of our choice and will depend on stock levels. All our pre-owned coins undergo strict quality checks by our team of experts to ensure their condition is excellent. If you’re seeking as much tax-free gold for your money and don’t mind which year the coin is, then this is a great choice. Coins will be carefully packed loose, so you may want to consider purchasing the Half Sovereign coin capsules to protect them. If you prefer a lovely presentation box, then these 10 Coin Half Sovereign cases fit the bill.

    The obverse of the Best Value Half Sovereign coin features one of the monarch portraits, ranging from Queen Elizabeth, George V, Edward VII and Victoria, while the reverse displays the classic St.George and Dragon design by Benedetto Pistucci.

    The picture illustrates the type of coin you’ll receive, not the exact item.


    The most common pre-owned Sovereign we receive is Elizabeth Half Sovereigns, which are minted from 1980 onwards (except 1981). They were issued as proof coins only in the period from 1980 to 1999, and as bullion coins from 2000 onwards. Always minted exclusively in the Royal Mint, annual figures vary but remain very modest compared to full Sovereigns. Due to the limitation of recent issuance, only, the more recent Elizabeth portraits feature on the coins, namely from the decimal, 3rd, 4th and 5th portraits.

    Our Expert Opinion

    Most pre-owned UK coins trade at a higher price than their brand-new peers. So you’d expect the contemporary Half Sovereign to be cheaper than these pre-owned Best Value Half Sovereigns. However, a majority of the time, these Half Sovereigns can be picked up at lower premiums than the latest issue. Despite having a higher degree of history, scarcity and desirability, the pre-owned coins offer better value than the latest edition. For us, that makes these coins a no-brainer, perhaps being limited only to a variable level of availability. It makes sense to buy in this version cheaper when it contains a higher numismatic value and may fetch more in the medium to long-term.

    As a small tax-free gold coin, the Best Value Half Sovereign provides a low entry point into the world of gold for those with modest means, divisibility to those owning a gold portfolio, and balance to those owning larger coins like Full Sovereigns, £2 Sovereigns and Britannias. Clearly, its diminutive size means it is more expensive per gram than larger coins, so for a truly balanced portfolio, they’re best teamed with Sovereigns and Britannias to achieve both balance and value. We sometimes sell the proof version of the coin (issued from 1980 onwards) at the same price as the Brilliant Uncirculated version, depending on stock, which offers additional value as these should fetch a premium to the bullion version upon sale.