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Metalor 5g Gold Bar



    Metalor 5g Gold Bar

    This 5g gold bar is produced by Swiss refiners Metalor and recognised by the LBMA. This brand new gold bar can be traded anywhere globally.

    Each bar contains 5g of fine gold and comes in a sealed, tamper-proof credit-card-sized package with unique serial number and certification, for security and buyer confidence.

    Please note that on occasion, you may receive an alternative brand of the bar if Metalor is out of stock. Brands will be of equal purity, reputation and presentation. Examples would be Credit Suisse, UBS, Heraeus or Perth Mint.

    Our Expert Opinion

    This is our starter size gold bar and is very popular for those wishing to get started with a gold portfolio. As our lowest priced gold bar, the Metalor 5g gold bar makes an ideal present for loved ones. The Swiss are world-renowned for their unrivalled gold bar manufacturing, so what better way to impress friends and family with one of their own. Despite its diminutive size, the item feels impressive and satisfying due to the sealed, certified encapsulation of the gold bar itself. Being protected within the casing, the bar will remain unscratched which will maximise its resale value.

    Due to its humble size, larger bars provide more gold per gram. So if you’re considering building a more substantial holding, it may be worth considering larger bars such as the Metalor 50g gold bar or the very popular investment size of 100g. There are price reductions when purchasing a number of 5g gold bars, so the most cost-effective choice will depend on how many grams you wish to buy in total. Absolute buying cost isn’t the only consideration, divisibility and tax efficiency are also important. It may be wiser to buy 10x5g bars than 1x50g gold bar if you anticipate needing to sell part, but not all of your gold investment at some point in the future. Owning lots of small bars provides the ultimate in flexibility.

    Our most popular alternative to the 5g gold bar would by the Half Sovereign or Sovereign gold coins. Providing gold content of 3.66g and 7.32g respectively, they are in the same price bracket as the 5g bar. Interestingly, while the Half Sovereign commands similar premiums to the 5g gold bar, stretching to the slightly larger Sovereign brings premiums down significantly. The added advantage of the coins is that they’re Capital Gains Tax-free. However, if the presentation is important, especially for a one-off purchase or present, then the Metalor bars are hard to beat.