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2017 Silver Britannia 1oz Coin


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    Weight 31.1035 g

    1oz Britannia silver coin

    The Royal Mint has once again released a silver Britannia coin for 2017 to mark 20 years of production, and 30 overall for the Gold Britannia. This is a brand-new bullion finish coin, issued without expensive presentation boxes to maximize the amount of silver for your money. Modest orders are packed loose, with tubes for orders of 25 or more and monster boxes in denominations of 500.

    Containing 1 troy ounce of 999 fine silver and with a face value of £2, the 2017 Silver Britannia contains Philip Nathan’s classic standing Britannia on the reverse with the inscription ‘BRITANNIA-2017- 1oz -999-FINE-SILVER’. This design is said to be inspired by the warrior-queen Boadicea.

    Britannia is holding her shield, an olive branch and her trident.

    The obverse has Jody Clark’s fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and the inscription ‘ELIZABETH II-D-G-REG-F-D-2 POUNDS’.

    The Silver Britannia is CGT exempt for UK residents due to its legal tender status.

    Our Expert Opinion

    Buying Silver Britannias is by far the most popular way of investing in physical silver in the UK. They are cheap relative to most other silver coins, so the amount of silver you get for your money is high. Certainly, if 2017 coins become available at a discount to the current year production, then we’d recommend snapping them up. Their 1oz size means they’re affordable and also divisible, a great advantage when buying silver as it allows you to sell off small parts of your portfolio when needed.

    Its face value qualifies the coin as CGT free for UK investors, so it proves to be a very tax efficient choice. Because of all these elements, the coins are very liquid and easy to sell both in the UK and around the world, due to the fine reputation of the Royal Mint.

    The 20th-anniversary special edition silver Britannia was also launched in 2017 but commands a far higher premium than the standard bullion version. We’d advise sticking to the bullion version for simplicity and value, although there’s a good chance that the special edition version will rise in value quicker due to scarcity and a strong demand from silver coin collectors. If variety and collectability appeals, along with the desire for a strong investment, then fantastic coins to combine with the silver Britannia are the silver lunar series and Queen’s Beasts silver series. While more collectable, they’re cheaper than the special edition Britannia and share the tac free nature of the standard coin.