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2002 Gold Sovereign - Shield Back



    2002 Elizabeth II 4th Head Sovereign

    The Sovereign Elizabeth II 4thHead coin is one of the most recognised of Royal Mint’s Sovereigns. These are pre-owned coins in excellent condition. Because of their modest age, these coins general resemble the mint condition of brand new Sovereigns. However, all our pre-owned Sovereign coins, regardless of age, are carefully checked by our numismatic experts to ensure they meet our quality and condition standards. These coins will be packed loose but you can purchase specialist acrylic coin capsules from our accessories section which fit and protect the coins perfectly.  If you purchase a number of Sovereign coins, these ten-coin Sovereign cases safeguard and display the coins beautifully.

    The obverse features the Queen Elizabeth 4th portrait, while the reverse displays the sought after shild back design

    The picture illustrates the type of coin you’ll receive, not the exact item.


    Our Expert Opinion

    The shield back design commands a premium from the collectors market and offers a great Tax free Gold investment. These coins provide a great balance if teamed with slightly older coins such as the George and Edward Sovereigns.