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2 oz Queen's Beasts Yale of Beaufort Silver Coin (2019)



    Silver Yale Queens Beasts

    This is a brand new 2oz silver bullion coin from The Royal Mint. It represents the seventh release in the exclusive series of ten silver coins. Coins are sent in a sachet, with orders in multiples of ten coming in tubes, and orders of 200 coins being packed in an official box.

    This exciting new coin is struck to 999.9 purity silver and contains 2oz of the precious metal. Being larger than the standard 1oz silver coins allows for detailed coin design. With a face value of £5 Sterling, the coin qualifies as UK legal tender. Rather than use it to purchase goods, buyers benefit from legal tender coins being free from Capital Gains Tax, so any profits made are tax free. Coins are produced to bullion finish so they benefit from great value.

    Queen’s Beasts Yale Design

    The reverse of the Silver Yale Beast features an original interpretation of the legendary Yale of Beaufort, proudly astride a shield with crown and chained portcullis. Like with many of the other heraldic beasts, the Yale is a mythical creature, open to variety and interpretation. Most agree that the beast is a four-legged goat-like animal, enhanced with impressive jagged horns and boar-like tusks. Legend has it that the creature is able to swivel its powerful horns in any direction, allowing it to become a formidable adversary.

    Rich history

    It’s association with the Royal Family is said to stem back to Henry VII in 1485 and has provided support for The Duke of Bedford’s arms and the English House of Beaufort. More recently the Yale is one of ten heraldic beasts celebrated during the Queen’s coronation in 1953 with statues exhibited at Westminster Abbey.

    Wording around the edge of the beautiful Yale image confirms the Beast name ‘YALE OF BEAUFORT’, coins weight ‘2oz’, ‘FINE SILVER’, purity ‘999.9’ and finally year of issuance.

    Coin obverse

    The obsverse of this collectable silver coin enjoys the familiarity of the 5th portrait of Queen Elizabeth II sat upon a dimpled background. Unusually, the Queen’s Beast range of silver coins benefit from the same designer for both the front and back of the coin.  This faith in designer Jody Clark lends a great consistency to the coin.

    Our Expert Opinion

    This is a popular choice across both the collector and investment community. Previous coins in the series have risen in value at an enhanced pace due to their limited issue and collectability. For this reason, it’s advised to snap this coin up early while stocks last. Unlike the popular Silver Britannia, once coins have sold out, supply becomes very occasional.