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1 oz Two Dragons Silver Coin (2018)



    Two Dragons Silver Coin

    This stunning brand new limited issue 1oz coin is issued by the world renowned Royal Mint. Coins will be dispatched loose for small orders, in foil packs of 20, and boxes of 100 for larger orders. These silver bullion coins are a special edition issue, to celebrate 50 years since the Royal Mint moved their refinery Pontyclun in South Wales. Minted to the Mint’s high 999.9 purity, the coins contain 31.103g of pure silver.

    Issue mintage numbers are restricted to only 50,000 making the coins highly collectable. Like other 1oz silver coins like the Silver Britannia series, this coin features a £2 face value and therefore qualifies as CGT-exempt.

    Coin design

    The obverse of the coin offers familiarity in sharing the same Queen Elizabeth 5th portrait (designed by artist Jody Clark) as all the other current Royal Mint collection. The coin’s unique design becomes more apparent on the coin’s reverse. The main design features two dragons, each occupying half of the space. Created by designer Timothy Noad, one Dragon represents the dragon of Wales, while the other embodies a Chinese Dragon. Their positioning on the coin is separated by the familiar ying and yang wave, which further symbolises the association between British and Asian culture.

    The edge of the reverse contains the wording ‘TWO DRAGONS’ on the top, with the weight, metal purity and year of issue on the bottom.

    Our Expert Opinion

    This coin yet again confirms the Mint’s desire to strengthen it’s appeal to the huge Asian market with its Chinese theme. The reverse more obviously nods to the intertwined relationship between the UK and Asia, which the Royal Mint clearly feels  enhances the coin’s global appeal. We agree, and wouldn’t be surprised if this limited mintage is snapped up very quickly.

    With premiums being modest, investing in these silver coins could be a shrewd medium term bet, as premiums for other limited issue coins like the Queens Beast Series have risen once certain issues have sold out.

    With the beauty of it’s design and limited mintage, also comes a tax efficient investment. Like all UK coins, the face value of this silver coin, lends itself well to those seeking a a CGT-free investment.